Fabulous finds at a place I least expected!

PJ here… Well now that we are back to school I find I have a little more time to myself during the day to do whatever it is that I want to do.  After school drop off, cleaning up around the house and throwing a load of laundry in the wash, what are me and my little girl supposed to do while the big kids are gone?!?!   We go shopping!!!!  There is ALWAYS some type of shopping to be done in my household.  It could be grocery shopping. It could be school project related shopping.  It could be “I forgot to pick something up the last time I went shopping” shopping!  It does NOT help the fact that I live literally across the street from a Target, Michael’s, Dollar Tree, Ross, Party City, Stater Bros, Marshall’s and Kohls!  Pretty awesome if I do say so myself!!!!  This leads me to my latest trip to Marshall’s.  I went there with the original idea of checking out their winter boot selection.  With Kamryn by my side I always have to let her look at the toy section of the store when we are there first before any browsing can be accomplished.  Next to her toy section is the home goods section.  This is where I stumbled upon the office supply isle!!!!  And what do I find in this particular isle??? I found scrapbooking supplies!!! NOT just any old scrapbooking supplies but the name brand stuff like Crate Paper, American Crafts, Pebbles, and Studio Calico!!!!  And it was all at a fraction of the cost!!!

Check out my latest crafty haul from Marshalls!!!

 All 12×12 paper pads for $5.99!!! Do you see that Pebbles paper pad??? That is the newest collection from Pebbles From Me to You and it was only $5.99!!! The 6×6 paper pads were $2.99!!!

paperpads Collage

All Thickers and accent stickers were $1.49!!!

6 7 10

And that fabulous roller stamp from Studio Calico was only $2.99!!  CRAZY right?!?!

stamps Collage

All this at Marshall’s of all places!!! Moral of this story?  Look at your surroundings… you never know what treasures are waiting for you.


New Craft Room Part 1

And so this craft room journey of mine begins …  A few months back my husband I decided to convert the third part of the garage to a media room.  We have a three car garage, and this part of the garage shared a wall with our entry hallway.  We saw this as an easy home project.  We called up our good friend Jim (he is a master of any home project and a building inspector) we knew we would be in good hands with him on our project.  After several weeks the room was almost completed… walls up, painted, textured, all we needed was to pick out flooring..and then there was a knock at the door.  We live in the burbs, like they could smell what perfume I put on in the morning.  So while we were busy finishing our room, one of our charming neighbors called code enforcement on us.  Just like that our project was halted.  We were forced to tear down the wall that separated the room from the front of the garage and we had to close the opening we made to open it up to the living room. All that time, hard work and money down the tube because we didn’t get it permitted.  So we begin to put it all back in the original state.  DRATS!!!!!  Fast forward  5 months and the wall is down and opened up again  the room is now mine!  It will take some time to get it up and going, but I have decided the theme of the room will be FUNCTIONALITY.  I will be able to create better in a functional room than a pretty room.  SO people have really pretty rooms, but don’t create in them often.  I would rather have a working room, that is functional.  This would help me be a more productive/creative person.  This weekend we moved my “stuff” into my new room.  Literally we just stuffed everything in there without any rhyme or reason.  I will be able to take my time over the next few months to place everything where it needs to be.

This is part one of my craft room posts.  Follow along as I get this room working functionally for me.

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Halloween Scrapbook Freebie Project Life Download

This weekend here in SoCal the highs going to be in the 90’s again, so it  will be the perfect time to dig through my garage for my beloved Halloween decorations.  It is one of my families favorite holidays.  When bringing out your pumpkins, hanging spiders, and candy bowls don’t forget about your picture frames.  I have a few frames around my house that I rotate printables in and out of depending on the occasions.  I just download them to a folder on my desktop, upload it to Costco and in an hour for about a buck I have the perfect holiday decor.   Sometimes I even leave a bunch in the frame ( I know lazy but the birthday ones are popular).  It makes great gifts too!  Start building your collection now….

Summit Avenue Designs download.

halloween freebie


October thirty one download.





Sarah Jane

It Works for Bobbi download

Halloween download



Studio Pebbles

I know, I know it is not Say it Saturday, but I could not pass up linking you all to the ever so talented Jennifer Pebbles and her rockin’ blog.

Look at this masterpiece she created for us!  It is brilliant and I cannot wait to print it out and display it in my home.

Studio Pebbles Blog

Go on and check out her blog… but I warn you a whole day might pass before you realize you have been glued to your computer.  She is one of my faves and is ever so cute in person too!

Big Cartel + Scrapbook Shopping = Unique items

 We have shared some of our favorite Etsy shop with you, but did you know we have some favorite Big Cartel shops too?

Pink Fresh Studio

Fresh Press Cards

Fresh Press Cards

Pretty much I need these.. “rollin’ with my homies” favorite quote from Clueless! At $4.00 a sheet a steal!

Enamel Love

Enamel Love

Enamel Stickers  $4.00

Pink Fresh Studio Blog

All Ready Memories

All Ready Memories

Washi Wheel $38.00

3x4 Card Storage

3×4 Card Storage $7.00

Say Cheese Paper Props

Say Cheese Paper Props

Social Media Lingo $19.00

These are our top picks for this week!

Trick Or Treat

Trick or Treat.  Smell my feet.  Give me something good to eat.  If you don’t. I don’t care.  I’ll pull down your underwear!

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s my family’s favorite holiday!  I’m sure many of you have already spotted Halloween stuff out there to decorate your home, make some spooky sweet treats, and create paper craft goodies!  Here are some of my Halloween layouts I created with last year’s photos and my scrapbooking stash!  It’s never too early for some inspiration!

bcuzuluvme blog 3 4 5 6

Raskog Cart from Ikea

The organizing bug has hit me like crazy!!  I can’t help but spend endless hours upon hours looking at how others organize their craft spaces!  Last year for my birthday PJ bought me one of those turquoise carts from Ikea. It’s been 7 months and I keep reorganizing it, not finding the perfect set up for me yet.  I use it daily but I see how wonderful others have their set up and I wonder… should  I try that?  Maybe this?  Oh look at this now!!   Here are a few samples I have found so far….

Ikea Cart

Ikea Cart

Ikea Cart

Ikea Cart

Ikea Cart

Ikea Cart

All images via Pintrest.

So,  I think I have come to a conclusion…. I need more than one!  Problem solved!!!

GeekGalz *Blogger* Scrapbooker Extraordinaire

We all have that website, or blog we have to visit a few times a week right?  One of my favorite scrapbook blogs is GeekGalz.  I love her work (not to mention she is a photographer so her pictures are awesome) but her color combos are amazing too!  She is a traditional 12×12 scrapbooker and is also doing Project Life.  Evelyn is a Crate Paper design team member and has an impressive resume’.    She takes clear colorful pictures of her work and detailed close-ups of the layouts as well.  As if taking amazing pictures of her layouts weren’t enough she even lists what products she uses on her pages….now that is pure love!  Enjoy some of her work below and then go stalk her on Facebook, Instagram, and her blog!

Here is a sample of a 12×12 layout




PL Geek Galz

Isn’t she just wonderful?  Big fan of hers right here!!!

Project Life Inspired Products on Etsy

I frequently look through Etsy for inspiration, but instead of being creatively inspired  one of two things usually happen…. I claim to be able to “make” the so-called item or I end up buying the item!  So fair warning that browsing these pages for inspiration can lead to excessive spending.  This week while scouring Etsy I noticed these little items that I fell in love with…

Weeks Cut Outs

Project Life Etsy

$15.50  By andiesink

Disney Labels

Disney Journaling Labels Etsy

$2.50 curtseyboutique

Stamp Set

Etsy Project Life

$38.00 blinksoflife

Washi tape Embellishments

Washi Tape Embellishments

 $8.00 gnomeswhimsy

Have fun exploring!