Unique… basically free Christmas gift

Keeping up with the Jones’ can be difficult, especially at Christmas time.  You don’t have to spend money to give a unique gift… and newsflash unique is not code word for ugly homemade gifts!

Chances are if you are reading this blog you are probably the creative one in your family.  Are you the one taking a million pictures at parties?  You can make anything look cute.  Did I get it right???  This gift idea is for you.

Look over the pictures you’ve taken this past year.  Pick out a bunch of your favorite pictures for each family you are gifting.  Burn those pictures on a CD.  Using a CD sleeve, cupcake wrappers and some twine, wrap it up!  It’s perfect gift for any occasion!  And if you do it right, didn’t cost you a dime.

Who wouldn’t love a CD of pictures of their family from the past year?


Best gift ever.


How to take great Halloween Pictures

Some of the most treasured pictures of my kids are of them in their Halloween costumes.  Their is so much color not only in their costumes but during the fall season surroundings.

As parents we know our children’s’ limits and how long we have them in a good mood before total breakdown.  So we have to act fast.  Find a pumpkin patch with pumpkins… sounds odd but when they start to have rides and bounce houses forget it, basically you already lost them to the bouncy house!

Late afternoon early evening is prime time for the most gorgeous light ever!  Waiting for the right time of day will result in the perfect pictures.  No shadows, no squinting of the eyes, no washed out pictures. If you have the perfect light you will have no reason to use your flash… so turn it off.

tina k. photography

Find a good little spot and let them explore. You want those candid pictures.

tina k photography

tina k. photography

If you don’t have access to the perfect pumpkin patch, take you little one somewhere their costumes will stand out.

tina k. photography

Somewhere they can act out their character.


Look for a cute store front set up.


A neighbors front porch.webDSC_0624

Your backyard.tina k. photography

Your school or church fall decoration set up.webDSC_0750

Your own house!!

If you want to have a little fun with your Halloween pictures visit a website called PicMonkey. I edit my own photos in Photoshop, but with a push of a button PicMonkey can be your best friend.

tina k. photography

Your best chance of getting a great group shot is seconds before you let them go trick or treating.  They will do anything to hurry and get going.  I always say ” The faster everyone smiles the faster we can go get candy!”  works like a charm!!

tina k. photography

Good luck this year capturing those smiles!

Back to School Project Life Freebie **

Everybody loves a Project Life freebie!!!  This is a download of two 4×6 cards. It will fit perfectly in you 4×6 Project Life inserts, or you can print it and put it in a 4×6 frame as a desk gift for your teacher.  welcomebacktoschoolbcuzuluvme

You can download this card here.

The next Project Life card is a 4×6.  It was designed around the first day of school.  Print it out and have your child write their name, what they ate for lunch,their teachers name and draw a picture of their backpack.  They will love that you are asking them to participate in their scrapbook.


You can download this card here.

 To be able to look back in years to come and  see their own handwriting.  You can still use this download as a journal card on your scrapbook page if you are not Project Life scrapbooking.  Adding a picture of their backpack is a little bonus… so get the crayons and colored pencils out and ready to go!

Camera Stamp *Rubber Stamp*Photographer’s Marketing Tool*

Camera’s are all the rage right now.  Real cameras…camera shirts….camera stickers….camera bags, pretty much anything with a camera on it!

camera bcuzuluvme

^^^^These little beauties are a part of the cute camera gang.^^^^

camera stamp bcuzuluvme stamp

How can you not want to stamp with this once it’s in your hand?

bcuzuluvme blog camera stamp

^^^first design the Fotka style^^^

bcuzuluvme blog stamp

^^^the second design Poulain^^^

It is a great photography marketing tool…just think how cute this would be stamped on your CD’s, business cards, brochures…anything.  Any Project Lifers out there?  It’s the perfect size for your 3×4 cards.  Check back for ideas on how we use this little gem!!  We have had this in our store for a year now, we’ve reordered a few times!  It’s a super popular one get it while we have it in stock!  Any local peeps???  We can arrange a pick up to avoid shipping charges.   Stamp away my friends.

Polka Dot Whimsy

Do you have plans August 2nd, 3rd, or 4th?  Polka Dot Whimsy is having another one of those amazing crops they host.  Go one day or go all three! Michelle Hill owner/designer creative master mind behind Polka Dot Whimsy is pretty much a crafting goddess.  She literally plans cute make n’ takes, feeds you lunch and dinner, has yummy snacks, and offers you her creative mojo each day!

Polka Dot Whimsy

how can you not get inspired here??

If you have a super time and never want to leave you can take a little piece of Michelle with you by purchasing her monthly kits!

Polka Dot Whimsy

Now you have a little piece of her with you!

The moral of this post is…Michelle Hill is awesome, Polka Dot Whimsy is awesome, and we donated swag to their awesome swag bags!

swag bcuzuluvme

Studio Calico Project Life Kit… Reasonable or Ridiculously Overpriced

We took one for the team for you and ordered Studio Calico Project Life kits.  We started a few months ago and are locked in for 6 months now (I guess I didn’t read the fine print).  I could cancel it but it would cost me $15 and I do not like wasting nonsense money.. so I have 4 more months to go.  I am really digging the stamps set that come with, it makes it worth while for me.

Here’s the breakdown for the PL kit it’s $19.99 if you commit to a 6 month subscription or you can take your chances and try to purchase it month to month at $24.99.  Mine arrives on my doorstep and my card gets charged $24.  I love the fact that they offer so many opportunities to be creative with them.  Feeling stuck? Visit their gallery for inspiration.  Want to learn something new? Take an online class from them.   Need some digital cuts?  Download them.  Now thats love.  They currently do no wrong in my eyes.  I will let you know when I feel differently.  Are you a SC fan??

Studio Calico Kit

^^^^^^^^^^^^the goods^^^^^^^^^^

Studio Calico Embellishments

the embellishments range… sorta would like a little more WOW

Studio Calico

^^^^^^the card inserts^^^^^

Studio Calico

^^^3×4 cards^^^

Studio Calico

^^^the famous stamps^^^

Studio Calico

^^^^my favorite part of the kit THE STAMPS^^^^

Studio Calico

^^^the storage^^^

Studio Calico

the only thing I love more than their stamps is the storage box!!

What’s in the magical box that makes me so happy each month.. I mean besides inspiration?

This month was:

Valley High Project life Kit

PL Cards from the following designers:
1. Studio Calico
2. Paislee Press
3. Basic Grey
4. In A Creative Bubble
5. LifeLovePaper
6. Studio Calico
7. LifeLovePaper
8. Studio Calico
9. LifeLovePaper
10. Basic Grey
11. One Little Bird Designs
12. In A Creative Bubble
13. Basic Grey
14. Studio Calico
15. Paislee Press
16. LifeLovePaper
17. LifeLovePaper
18. Basic Grey
19. Basic Grey
20. Studio Calico
21. Studio Calico
22. Studio Calico
23. In A Creative Bubble
24. LifeLovePaper
25. LifeLovePaper
26. Blinks of Life
27. Paislee Press
28. Paislee Press
29. LifeLovePaper
30. In A Creative Bubble

Transparency C(Life-Love-Paper for Studio Calico)
Cork printed Washi (Studio Calico)
2 Badges (In a Creative Bubble for Studio Calico)
Stamp 1×6″ Hopes & Dreams (Blinks Of Life for Studio Calico)
Round Metal Paperclips (Studio Calico)
Confetti (American Crafts)
4×6″ Charcoal Alpha Stickers (Basic Grey)

Hidden Organizing Treasures at Ikea

Some of us are lucky to be a hop skip and a jump away from an Ikea. Ikea is like Disneyland to a crafter.  Why??  Not only can you make your crafting space sensible, but it can look gorgeous too!  As if this mystical place can’t get any better it does… its affordable.  Bcuzuluvme took a field trip there yesterday and here are some of the hidden treasures we found.  Why do I call them hidden???  Because you are not going to find them in the expected places.  All of the following items were found in: the bathroom section, the outdoor living section, the kitchen section, and one was just randomly sitting there all by its self.  You really do need to explore places like these, they are full to the brim with genius items you can use to organize you craft space.

My most favorite item of the day that will bring sunshine to my desk everyday is this:


It is going to hold all my premade cards ready to be used on a layout.  And yes, you read that right $1.99.


These are all items that would work as well….  steals & deals

Inspiration Kit Ideas

Some of you were lucky enough to grab a March Inspiration Kit last month…here are some examples of how we are using that little envelope of goodies!!


Our little camera marble top adds just the right amount of color to this page!

web3483March Inspiration Kit

Our doily is the perfect amount of texture to layer our black tab on top of.  The black tab is the perfect size for time embellishments to fit on.

web3485march inspiration kit

Our turquoise cute tab brings your eye to the picture its pointing to…exactly why it was placed there.  Now this is only a few examples how you can use some of our goodies… stay tuned for more!

Tips and tricks for Printing your Pictures for Project Life

This post is for all you P- Lifers.  Just how does everyone print their pictures for all the different shapes for Project Life?

Here are a few of our favorite places we like to use!

Postal Pix

Your favorite iPhone pics delivered! PostalPix is a free app that lets you order real photo prints of pictures from your iPhone. It seemed logical that there should be a way to get images from your iPhone in solid form, without the need for a trip to the local drug store.  Go to itunes and download it!  It will really help get all those pictures off your phone!   They professionally print and mail your prints to your door…now thats service!

Print sizes and prices:
4×6: 21¢ – 33¢
4×4: 29¢ – 33¢(perfect for Instagrams!)
5×7: 89¢
5×5: 89¢ (perfect for Instagrams!)
8×10: $3.49
8×8: $3.49 (perfect for Instagrams!)
2×2 grid: $2.49 (printed on 6×6 sheet)


Persnickety Prints

Now Persnickety is a little more Project Life friendly for sure!  They have Polaroid printing, templates to drop your images into, and more!


You can always print from your home computer or resize you pictures (like putting 2 on a 4×6 print) and upload them to your local printer.  Whatever tickles your fancy.  You will soon find out what works best for you!!