My Favorite Things Party by Elevate Blog Conference & The Printed Palette

I have been counting the days until Friday, November 15th.  The Elevate Blog Conference & The Printed Palette My Favorite Things Party.   Basically you are to bring 5 of the exact same items (your favorite items ever) with a value between $5-$7. Now for the most interesting part, it said  “be creative in your selections and packaging“. Yikes!! I’ll be surrounded by super creative people what am I to do?

You all saw my post yesterday on what I brought.  The mason jars filled with a ton of my favorites!! If you didn’t get a chance to see check them out here.

The night started out with some mingling, crafting, and eating. SO many pictures to post but I just couldn’t bear to choose.  If you look up the hashtag #elevateconfftp on Instagram you can see the whole party.

After all that fun, the presentations of gifts began.

The first was from Dana and here gift had a great message.  We all never really stop and take the time to just take a picture of what is real.  WIth our phones and digital cameras we are obsessed with taking the perfect picture instead of taking a picture of the moment.  No retakes, just a real picture.  I loved the idea!!!  She gave us a disposable camera, and a list of treasured moments to capture.  Brilliant for that person that needs to stop and smell the roses.

mft#1 Collage

 Next, I was presented by Jen from Delightful Deets gift. I loved the simplicity of how she wrapped it!  It was a bag of her most favorite chocolate chips wrapped with a paper doily, and tulle with a gift card to her favorite store TARGET!  DUH!  That is everybody’s favorite store right??  This would be a super cute idea maybe instead of a Target gift card it could be to Williams Sonoma, or Trader Joe’s, or a cute bakery.

MFT#2 Collage

Personal handmade gifts are some of my favorite gifts ever.  And you all know my obsession with kraft paper!!  When I received this bag of goodies from Jenilee from Squint Paperie I literally squealed with joy!!!  First off it was wrapped in a little brown paper bag, second she hand-lettered the phrase on the bag!  WOW!  Inside was more kraft goodies and a white pen.  I LOVE white pens!!!  So cute!  Personal stationery is a fantastic gift for anyone.

mft#3 Collage

I love the idea of wrapping up goodies in gable boxes.  Dress it up with some washi tape and add a handmade tassel and boom… instant success! Summer of Made by Munchie’s Mama put a bunch of goodies together in this adorable box.  I couldn’t help but to gravitate to the nail polish and nail decals!  How fitting considering I live in a house with three daughters!  Nail polish is a staple in out house.  What a great idea!  You could do this gift on a budget… think dollar tree nail items.  What gal doesn’t love goodies for her nails!

mft#4 Collage

I love how Darcie from Juneau Luxe used the gift wrap box from Sephora in her own way.  Lots of time I shop at places that I know will gift wrap or include packaging.  Darcie could have wrapped it like she was supposed to but instead she left the top opened and poofed out the tissue paper.  It was such a cute little twist to what could have looked like an ordinary gift box.  You don’t have to follow the rules of gift wrapping… do whatever is going o make it look super cute!  By the way she included the best hand and nail lotion from Sephora EVER!!! MFT#5 Collage

There was so many more great ideas out there!  Look up the #hashtag I mentioned to see them all.

Just when we though we were done for the night The Elevate ladies along with The Printed Palette gave us a bag full of swag…. FULL!  The Printed Palette had these gorgeous bags made for us especially for the event.


mftswag Collage mftswag2Collage mftswag3 Collage mftswag4 Collage mftswag5 Collage mftswag6 Collage mftswag7 Collage mftswag8Collage




One of the best parts of the night was being able to spend it with my friend Michelle Hill of Polka Dot Whimsy… and what was even better was we made so many new  friends!  YAY!!!!  Hope these $5 gift ideas inspired you to stay within your budget this year!  Now hurry go look at Instagram at all the other greatness from the night!!

me and Michelle


Revolving Bin from Harbor Frieght

We interrupt the regular scheduled post to bring you this one!!  Yesterday this lovely thing was brought into my life and I am so excited I cannot stand it.  The possibilities of what can go in this beauty are unlimited!  Do I paint it, should I leave it this color?  Do I need 5 more?  What is it exactly (besides a crafters best friend?) it is a revolving bin.  This particular one is from Harbor Freight and retails $19.

revolving bin

Here are some samples I found of how people use their revolving bins

Paper Rhino

Paper Rhino

Its Molly Smith

it’s Molly Smith

Ingenious Inking

Ingenious Inking

Cherished Treasures

Cherished Treasures

What should I put in mine?  Should I paint it?  Decisions, decisions…You will have to check back to see what I decided to do to it 😉

New Craft Room Part 1

And so this craft room journey of mine begins …  A few months back my husband I decided to convert the third part of the garage to a media room.  We have a three car garage, and this part of the garage shared a wall with our entry hallway.  We saw this as an easy home project.  We called up our good friend Jim (he is a master of any home project and a building inspector) we knew we would be in good hands with him on our project.  After several weeks the room was almost completed… walls up, painted, textured, all we needed was to pick out flooring..and then there was a knock at the door.  We live in the burbs, like they could smell what perfume I put on in the morning.  So while we were busy finishing our room, one of our charming neighbors called code enforcement on us.  Just like that our project was halted.  We were forced to tear down the wall that separated the room from the front of the garage and we had to close the opening we made to open it up to the living room. All that time, hard work and money down the tube because we didn’t get it permitted.  So we begin to put it all back in the original state.  DRATS!!!!!  Fast forward  5 months and the wall is down and opened up again  the room is now mine!  It will take some time to get it up and going, but I have decided the theme of the room will be FUNCTIONALITY.  I will be able to create better in a functional room than a pretty room.  SO people have really pretty rooms, but don’t create in them often.  I would rather have a working room, that is functional.  This would help me be a more productive/creative person.  This weekend we moved my “stuff” into my new room.  Literally we just stuffed everything in there without any rhyme or reason.  I will be able to take my time over the next few months to place everything where it needs to be.

This is part one of my craft room posts.  Follow along as I get this room working functionally for me.

bcuzuluvme blog bcuzuluvme blog bcuzuluvme blog bcuzuluvme blog bcuzuluvme blog bcuzuluvme blog bcuzuluvme blog

Big Cartel + Scrapbook Shopping = Unique items

 We have shared some of our favorite Etsy shop with you, but did you know we have some favorite Big Cartel shops too?

Pink Fresh Studio

Fresh Press Cards

Fresh Press Cards

Pretty much I need these.. “rollin’ with my homies” favorite quote from Clueless! At $4.00 a sheet a steal!

Enamel Love

Enamel Love

Enamel Stickers  $4.00

Pink Fresh Studio Blog

All Ready Memories

All Ready Memories

Washi Wheel $38.00

3x4 Card Storage

3×4 Card Storage $7.00

Say Cheese Paper Props

Say Cheese Paper Props

Social Media Lingo $19.00

These are our top picks for this week!

Raskog Cart from Ikea

The organizing bug has hit me like crazy!!  I can’t help but spend endless hours upon hours looking at how others organize their craft spaces!  Last year for my birthday PJ bought me one of those turquoise carts from Ikea. It’s been 7 months and I keep reorganizing it, not finding the perfect set up for me yet.  I use it daily but I see how wonderful others have their set up and I wonder… should  I try that?  Maybe this?  Oh look at this now!!   Here are a few samples I have found so far….

Ikea Cart

Ikea Cart

Ikea Cart

Ikea Cart

Ikea Cart

Ikea Cart

All images via Pintrest.

So,  I think I have come to a conclusion…. I need more than one!  Problem solved!!!

Craft Room Inspiration for all Room Sizes

We all have our little space in our home that we like to call our “craft area”.  Some of us have a whole room dedicated to our craft while the other have a nook we like to call our space.  Big, or small we collected some great room ideas for you.  Hope it inspires you all to change things up in your rooms!

We loved the room below cause it looks like a million bucks, but yet they used inexpensive stuff.  They tricked our eyes!  Her desk is a painted kitchen table, the shelves are from target and Ikea.  She brought everything together with her color scheme and did a great job organizing all her supplies.

Craft Room Pintrest

This room is great for small spaces.  A dedicated corner in your bedroom, living room, closet or kitchen would work perfect for this set up.


This room looks as if is nestled in the corner of a laundry room.  The tile floors will allow for easy clean up for the messiest projects.


This one is actually in  a laundry room!  The counter space is enough to do any project meanwhile keeping up on your laundry… double bonus!


This room is pretty much one of my favorites!  Mostly because of the large countertop spaces.  I am a stand up and create type… I can’t sit and work!  This counter height workspace is a dream….  well its my dream!!


I love the glass cabinet doors on this room.  You cannot always keep your cabinets neat and tidy these frosted glass doors will come in handy!


We hope some of these room ideas inspire you to change-up your craft space.  Share it with us if you do!  We want to be super jealous of you!

Back to School * Lunch Bags * Lunch Boxes *

Back to School is here whether we like it or not.  I have always preferred my kids to take lunch rather than to buy.  It’s just convenance… I know what they are eating, how much they are eating, and what they won’t eat.  Now that they are older not much has changed… except it must be the perfect lunch bag.  Here are a few for all ages:

Lunch Bag Etsy bcuzuluvme Blog

Don’t Forget Me Lunch Bag $20

Lunch bags bcuzuluvme blog

Insulated lunch bag $31

Lunch Bag bcuzuluvme blog

Backpack lunch bag $19

Lunch box bcuzuluvme blog

Lunch Box $24

It’s safe to say that the next one would be mine!  I love all condiments.. ketchup, mayo, mustard, relish, spread  all of it!

Lunch Bag bcuzuluvme blog

Canvas Lunch Bag $13

Now shop handmade and your child won’t mix up their lunch box with every lunch box from Target.

Washi Tape Storage * Craftroom Organization*

You know how sometimes you collect stuff cause it will just look pretty sitting there?  Washi tape started out like that for me.  Even if I never use it, it will just look pretty sitting there in a cute bowl.  I stand corrected.  When in doubt add a little washi tape to your project and all of your problems are solved.  Now here’s where my dilemma comes into place… I now have so many that I want them all visible to me so I can get to it much quicker than just searching through  bowl of washi tape.   I want them visible, easily accessible, and I still want it to look pretty!  I have been kicking around some organization ideas and I have come to a few conclusions.  These ideas are the front-runners right now:

Straw Dispensers

Straw Dispenser bcuzuluvme

Bed Bath & Beyond $14.99

bcuzuluvme blog

^^^Just imagine washi tape in there instead of ribbon. ^^^

Here quilters used it for trim storage.

Or should I go with something like this… and organize it by color

Shoe Organizer

Target bcuzluvme blog

Target $15.49

It’s out-of-the-way, it is clear and tidy.  I think an Ikea trip is in order to scope out more options.

When buying items to help you get organized pretty isn’t always the answer.  It may look great but is it functional?  Sometimes you just don’t have the extra time to search for an item in your stash.  Having your items in plain view or at least easily accessible is makes for a happy craft space.

 There are always more options.  Which option would work best for you?

Hidden Organizing Treasures at Ikea

Some of us are lucky to be a hop skip and a jump away from an Ikea. Ikea is like Disneyland to a crafter.  Why??  Not only can you make your crafting space sensible, but it can look gorgeous too!  As if this mystical place can’t get any better it does… its affordable.  Bcuzuluvme took a field trip there yesterday and here are some of the hidden treasures we found.  Why do I call them hidden???  Because you are not going to find them in the expected places.  All of the following items were found in: the bathroom section, the outdoor living section, the kitchen section, and one was just randomly sitting there all by its self.  You really do need to explore places like these, they are full to the brim with genius items you can use to organize you craft space.

My most favorite item of the day that will bring sunshine to my desk everyday is this:


It is going to hold all my premade cards ready to be used on a layout.  And yes, you read that right $1.99.


These are all items that would work as well….  steals & deals

Storage solutions for all those cutouts

Now that you are going crazy collecting cutouts for all your projects, you have a million everywhere and no idea how to store them right?

Problem solved!  Over the next few days we will share with you some tricks on how we store out cutouts.

 Project Lifeing is about quick & easy scrapbooking.  In order to be efficient its easier when your items are in plain sight of you, the trick to this is not hiding your supplies. Having your supplies in an arms reach in front of you will force you to use what you have which is a big bonus!

 For this first example on storing your cutouts I took a Project Life page protector and sewed rows.  Design C had the basic compartments done so it was very little sewing to finish it off how I needed it.

cutout pockets

cutout pockets 2

Now I didn’t want to go crazy using my Project Life page protectors for storage, so for the next few I used 12×12 Close To My Heart protectors I had.  This worked out good because I had the freedom to make my pockets any size I needed.  Once again went to work sewing for the next storage sleeve.

cutout pocket 3

I had some large 4×6 cutouts that I could have just stuck in a 12×12 sleeve and been done with it..but again I wanted easy quick access to my cutouts.  Pockets needed to be made for the biggies too!

cutout pocket 4

And that’s how its done!  Easy peasy!!  I will be showing you a few different options on storing these beauties (even a non sewing one!)