My Favorite Things Party by Elevate Blog Conference & The Printed Palette

I have been counting the days until Friday, November 15th.  The Elevate Blog Conference & The Printed Palette My Favorite Things Party.   Basically you are to bring 5 of the exact same items (your favorite items ever) with a value between $5-$7. Now for the most interesting part, it said  “be creative in your selections and packaging“. Yikes!! I’ll be surrounded by super creative people what am I to do?

You all saw my post yesterday on what I brought.  The mason jars filled with a ton of my favorites!! If you didn’t get a chance to see check them out here.

The night started out with some mingling, crafting, and eating. SO many pictures to post but I just couldn’t bear to choose.  If you look up the hashtag #elevateconfftp on Instagram you can see the whole party.

After all that fun, the presentations of gifts began.

The first was from Dana and here gift had a great message.  We all never really stop and take the time to just take a picture of what is real.  WIth our phones and digital cameras we are obsessed with taking the perfect picture instead of taking a picture of the moment.  No retakes, just a real picture.  I loved the idea!!!  She gave us a disposable camera, and a list of treasured moments to capture.  Brilliant for that person that needs to stop and smell the roses.

mft#1 Collage

 Next, I was presented by Jen from Delightful Deets gift. I loved the simplicity of how she wrapped it!  It was a bag of her most favorite chocolate chips wrapped with a paper doily, and tulle with a gift card to her favorite store TARGET!  DUH!  That is everybody’s favorite store right??  This would be a super cute idea maybe instead of a Target gift card it could be to Williams Sonoma, or Trader Joe’s, or a cute bakery.

MFT#2 Collage

Personal handmade gifts are some of my favorite gifts ever.  And you all know my obsession with kraft paper!!  When I received this bag of goodies from Jenilee from Squint Paperie I literally squealed with joy!!!  First off it was wrapped in a little brown paper bag, second she hand-lettered the phrase on the bag!  WOW!  Inside was more kraft goodies and a white pen.  I LOVE white pens!!!  So cute!  Personal stationery is a fantastic gift for anyone.

mft#3 Collage

I love the idea of wrapping up goodies in gable boxes.  Dress it up with some washi tape and add a handmade tassel and boom… instant success! Summer of Made by Munchie’s Mama put a bunch of goodies together in this adorable box.  I couldn’t help but to gravitate to the nail polish and nail decals!  How fitting considering I live in a house with three daughters!  Nail polish is a staple in out house.  What a great idea!  You could do this gift on a budget… think dollar tree nail items.  What gal doesn’t love goodies for her nails!

mft#4 Collage

I love how Darcie from Juneau Luxe used the gift wrap box from Sephora in her own way.  Lots of time I shop at places that I know will gift wrap or include packaging.  Darcie could have wrapped it like she was supposed to but instead she left the top opened and poofed out the tissue paper.  It was such a cute little twist to what could have looked like an ordinary gift box.  You don’t have to follow the rules of gift wrapping… do whatever is going o make it look super cute!  By the way she included the best hand and nail lotion from Sephora EVER!!! MFT#5 Collage

There was so many more great ideas out there!  Look up the #hashtag I mentioned to see them all.

Just when we though we were done for the night The Elevate ladies along with The Printed Palette gave us a bag full of swag…. FULL!  The Printed Palette had these gorgeous bags made for us especially for the event.


mftswag Collage mftswag2Collage mftswag3 Collage mftswag4 Collage mftswag5 Collage mftswag6 Collage mftswag7 Collage mftswag8Collage




One of the best parts of the night was being able to spend it with my friend Michelle Hill of Polka Dot Whimsy… and what was even better was we made so many new  friends!  YAY!!!!  Hope these $5 gift ideas inspired you to stay within your budget this year!  Now hurry go look at Instagram at all the other greatness from the night!!

me and Michelle


Halloween Treat bags out of Dollar Spot Deals

Hello my name is PJ and I’m a sucker for the Dollar Spot section of Target!  Who isn’t?  You can find just about anything in that section for your holiday needs.  Right now, it’s full of fun and fabulous Halloween themed items!  I’m always trying to find new ways to dress up treat bags for my kids to take to their classes.  I swear their is a secret competition between the moms in the classes to see who makes the cutest/coolest goody bag!   Well, here is my latest goody bag creation.  I got the bags at the Dollar Spot section of Target. They came in quantities of 4 per package.  I then just added some plain cardstock borders that I punched out with various Martha Stewart Halloween punches. I also used those border punches to make the rosettes and lastly added some tulle and twine that I had lying around.

bcuzuluvme blog


organstreatbag Collage


halloween pinwheel Collage

bcuzuluvme blog

Halloween Treat Bags

For most of us we are still swimming in our pools, blasting our air conditioners, and working on our tans.. but fall is coming.  It will be here before we know it.  We wanted to show you how easy it is to make simple treat bags out of a few dollar store items and a few things you probably already have at home in your stash.

We all know the Dollar Tree carries crepe paper… they will have Halloween colors out soon if it’s not already out.  Brown lunch bags, you might have them at home if not get them at the dollar store.  Next just some scrap Halloween themed scrapbook paper and punches.

bcuzuluvme blog

bcuzuluvme blog

Martha Stewart has great edge punches and their not just for borders.  You can use them for the details on rosettes, or on the top of the treat  bags as well.

martha stewart punch

Lay the brown paper bag flat (don’t open it) and punch the top of it with the border punch. You do not have to keep the bag tall,  you can cut the bag down and use Martha Stewart’s haunted fence punch then it would look like a graveyard!  Use this same technique with the snowflake punch in winter, the leaves punch in fall…. you get the picture.

bcuzuluvme blog

Next take out all that old scrap Halloween themed paper (you could even use gift wrap) and just cut some circles for an added focal point on the rosettes.  All this cuteness for a couple of dollars at the Dollar Tree.  No need to buy fancy gift bags.  It can get expensive when you have to make 20+ treat bags for your child’s classroom.  You can still make it cute without spending $20 on bags.

bcuzuluvme blog

 Have fun creating treat bags this season!

Party Favors *DIY Goody Bags* Superhero Birthday Party*

Correct me if I am wrong no matter how old you are, but the best part of a birthday party is the cake and the party favors.  Am I right or am I right?

First off let’s talk cake.  Personally I look for two WOW factors in the cake.  1. Does it look spectacular?  2. Does it taste wonderful?  If the cake has both of these I am a happy camper.  My niece had a birthday party and requested like every other little girl, a superhero party.  Finally a birthday theme I can really get into!  I have long list of go-to bakers but for this cake I commissioned my old high school friend Melissa.  I knew she would take our crazy suggestions and run wild with it!  Boy did she run with it.  Amazing.

cake Collage

As the children arrived to the party they would stop and stare at the cake.  They didn’t know if it was a toy or food!  She was able to incorporate three of my nieces favorite superheros, Batman, Spiderman, and Superman.   Each scrumptous layer was a different flavor.  The cupcakes are not just for decorations they are perfect for little hands… no mess cupcakes are the way to go!


Now for the goody bags/party favors.  I like to give something that will last a little bit longer than the car ride home.  But what do you give besides candy?  Sure there are the normal bubbles, coloring books & crayons (if you are thinking about this stock up on them now while the Back to School clearances are going on) glow in the dark bracelets, but this was a superhero party… it had to be amazing.  Then I had an idea…they need superhero capes.  BINGO!  I am brilliant (not really cause I thought their would only be a handful of kids there).  Apparently my niece was a super popular 3-year-old and had a gazillion kids there.

bcuzuluvme blog capes

Don’t think I spent a gazillion dollars on these.  These are afforable to make.  Yes I know my way around the garment district, but this can be done with a 40% coupon at Joanns for cheap.  For the white circle in the center I visited my local die cut center for our school district and cut out a bunch of  “planets”.  Luckily they had lightning bolts too (I know these were Ellison brand dies but I am sure Accucut carries them as well).  If you are doing mass quantities like I did you are going to wish you had a die cut center to cut these out at.  Cutting a million pieces of felt is going to start to killing your hand.  I. Am. Serious.  The diecut machines are great cause they cut through material like butta… no joke.  You will need without a doubt a good pair of scissors for this project.

 While at the die cut center I stumbled upon these sweet little masks.

super hero cuffs bcuzuluvme blog

I added some elastic to the back and a little stitching around the rim of the mask and voila done!  But I couldn’t stop there.  Nope.

They needed cuffs, super cute cuffs.

super hero cuffs bcuzuluvme blog

Now I was basically on my own for a pattern.  I knew the die cut center was not going to have anything to help me out.  I had a coffee cozy on my cup from my morning Starbucks run and with that came a genius idea.  I used the cardboard as a template and cut away.  The stitching you see on everything serves no purpose other than it looks good.  Both the cape and the cuffs have a little bit of velcro sewn in to help it stay in place.

super hero capes bcuzuluvme blog

Party favors…. complete success!  They enjoyed these party favors far better than a bag of candy.  Think out of the box for your next party.  You will be surprised with what you come up with.

Cupcake Liners* DIY Gift Wrapping*

Brown paper packages tied up with string… make that twine, and gussied up with cupcake liners these are a few of my favorite things.

cupcake liner gift wrapping bcuzulume blog

Ordinary folk will see cupcake liners and pass right on by thinking to themselves ” I am not baking cupcakes anytime soon” and not buy any.  Extraordinary people will see cupcake liners and buy all the patterns because they need to wrap a gift, need to gift a jar of jam, need to make a garland, or they need to make a birthday card.  Why on earth would they need a cupcake liner to wrap a gift you ask??  Because it’s CUTE!  Seriously why would we want to make something look ugly?  Cupcake liners make everything super cute.  When in doubt add a cupcake liner…you have never heard anyone say “that’s too many cupcake liners”.  Stay tuned for some more decorative ways to use cupcake liners!!

cupcakepackages Collage

What’s not to like about the 80’s?

 Ultra Fine tip Sharpies are a girls best friend.  Scrapbooking, Smashbooking, Project Life-ing, Journaling, and even Card-making… they all need good pens.  What’s not to like about this Limited Edition grouping of makers??  The had me at Limited Edition… they sold me when I saw Valley Girl Violet!  Staples had them for $10 bucks!!  You need these and you can thank me later folks!photo-3