December Daily

Have you started yours yet? What is it?  Ali Edwards is the genius behind the whole December Daily craze.  She explains it all here.  It is a fun way to document  the 25 days leading up until Christmas in an album with pictures and journaling.  We complied some inspiration with links.

december daily

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December Daily

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December Daily

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december daily

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december daily

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December Daily

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December Daily

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december daily

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December daily

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Hope this provides you with a little inspiration. Tomorrow I will be sharing what I am using for my album… and it’s not a scrapbook!

  We will be posting all week with tidbits to help with the creation of your album.  You can do this!


Unique… basically free Christmas gift

Keeping up with the Jones’ can be difficult, especially at Christmas time.  You don’t have to spend money to give a unique gift… and newsflash unique is not code word for ugly homemade gifts!

Chances are if you are reading this blog you are probably the creative one in your family.  Are you the one taking a million pictures at parties?  You can make anything look cute.  Did I get it right???  This gift idea is for you.

Look over the pictures you’ve taken this past year.  Pick out a bunch of your favorite pictures for each family you are gifting.  Burn those pictures on a CD.  Using a CD sleeve, cupcake wrappers and some twine, wrap it up!  It’s perfect gift for any occasion!  And if you do it right, didn’t cost you a dime.

Who wouldn’t love a CD of pictures of their family from the past year?


Best gift ever.

My Favorite Things Party by Elevate Blog Conference & The Printed Palette

I have been counting the days until Friday, November 15th.  The Elevate Blog Conference & The Printed Palette My Favorite Things Party.   Basically you are to bring 5 of the exact same items (your favorite items ever) with a value between $5-$7. Now for the most interesting part, it said  “be creative in your selections and packaging“. Yikes!! I’ll be surrounded by super creative people what am I to do?

You all saw my post yesterday on what I brought.  The mason jars filled with a ton of my favorites!! If you didn’t get a chance to see check them out here.

The night started out with some mingling, crafting, and eating. SO many pictures to post but I just couldn’t bear to choose.  If you look up the hashtag #elevateconfftp on Instagram you can see the whole party.

After all that fun, the presentations of gifts began.

The first was from Dana and here gift had a great message.  We all never really stop and take the time to just take a picture of what is real.  WIth our phones and digital cameras we are obsessed with taking the perfect picture instead of taking a picture of the moment.  No retakes, just a real picture.  I loved the idea!!!  She gave us a disposable camera, and a list of treasured moments to capture.  Brilliant for that person that needs to stop and smell the roses.

mft#1 Collage

 Next, I was presented by Jen from Delightful Deets gift. I loved the simplicity of how she wrapped it!  It was a bag of her most favorite chocolate chips wrapped with a paper doily, and tulle with a gift card to her favorite store TARGET!  DUH!  That is everybody’s favorite store right??  This would be a super cute idea maybe instead of a Target gift card it could be to Williams Sonoma, or Trader Joe’s, or a cute bakery.

MFT#2 Collage

Personal handmade gifts are some of my favorite gifts ever.  And you all know my obsession with kraft paper!!  When I received this bag of goodies from Jenilee from Squint Paperie I literally squealed with joy!!!  First off it was wrapped in a little brown paper bag, second she hand-lettered the phrase on the bag!  WOW!  Inside was more kraft goodies and a white pen.  I LOVE white pens!!!  So cute!  Personal stationery is a fantastic gift for anyone.

mft#3 Collage

I love the idea of wrapping up goodies in gable boxes.  Dress it up with some washi tape and add a handmade tassel and boom… instant success! Summer of Made by Munchie’s Mama put a bunch of goodies together in this adorable box.  I couldn’t help but to gravitate to the nail polish and nail decals!  How fitting considering I live in a house with three daughters!  Nail polish is a staple in out house.  What a great idea!  You could do this gift on a budget… think dollar tree nail items.  What gal doesn’t love goodies for her nails!

mft#4 Collage

I love how Darcie from Juneau Luxe used the gift wrap box from Sephora in her own way.  Lots of time I shop at places that I know will gift wrap or include packaging.  Darcie could have wrapped it like she was supposed to but instead she left the top opened and poofed out the tissue paper.  It was such a cute little twist to what could have looked like an ordinary gift box.  You don’t have to follow the rules of gift wrapping… do whatever is going o make it look super cute!  By the way she included the best hand and nail lotion from Sephora EVER!!! MFT#5 Collage

There was so many more great ideas out there!  Look up the #hashtag I mentioned to see them all.

Just when we though we were done for the night The Elevate ladies along with The Printed Palette gave us a bag full of swag…. FULL!  The Printed Palette had these gorgeous bags made for us especially for the event.


mftswag Collage mftswag2Collage mftswag3 Collage mftswag4 Collage mftswag5 Collage mftswag6 Collage mftswag7 Collage mftswag8Collage




One of the best parts of the night was being able to spend it with my friend Michelle Hill of Polka Dot Whimsy… and what was even better was we made so many new  friends!  YAY!!!!  Hope these $5 gift ideas inspired you to stay within your budget this year!  Now hurry go look at Instagram at all the other greatness from the night!!

me and Michelle

Thanksgiving Printables

Just in time for you to start decorating.  You know,  you don’t need to go all out decorating for every holiday right?  Sometimes a few printables displayed in some cute frames is all that adorns my house during some holidays.  For reals… believe it!!  We are helping you today with some awesome free printables for Thanksgiving.  I have a frame on an easel in my entry way that I just interchange to suit the right occasion. I leave all the holiday prints in there so there is no searching for them.  I splurge and spend the $1.35 for a print from Costco (they just look better than printing it from my printer)  These also make great hostess gifts if you’re going over to someones house for Thanksgiving.  We are giving you options… print them.


Find it here.


Find it here.


Find it here.


Find it here.


Find it here.


Find it here.


Find it here.


Find it here.


Find it here.

Halloween Coaster Mini Albums

Halloween may look like it’s over but it’s not what it seems.  If there is candy in your house, stuff still on clearance at the store, and pictures on your camera ready to be printed… it’s not yet over.  Take advantage of all the clearance sales going on.

 I found this 8 pack of Halloween themed coasters in the dollar section at Target and knew what I was going to make with them…. a few mini albums of Halloween.

webhalloween coaster books Collage

Supplies: 1 Pack of Halloween Coasters from Target (makes 4 albums), Crop a- dile, Crafty Bands (Epiphany Crafts Tool) and some crafty stash I already have at home to decorate the books.

Cut some cardstock down to size (these coasters were an easy 4 inches x 4 inches) and corner rounded the edges.  I used my Crop-a-dile to cut through the chipboard coasters and the paper.  Tie some ribbon (loosely so the book can open with ease) through the holes to bind the book together.

Next decorate and add pictures!  You can use lots of scraps since the album is only 4 inches.

halloween coaster mini book

You al know how I feel about the Epiphany Shape tool… and I just love the size of the circle from their Crafty Bands tool (it’s my favorite size!!)

halloween coaster mini book

My daughters are loved by many and received lots of Halloween greeting cards this year… I quickly eyed their stack and knew they would make cute embellishments.  These epoxies were made from a card the girls got in the mail.

halloween coaster mini book

halloween coaster mini book

I am going to keep my eyes peeled for more themed coasters from them, these were too easy to make!

Pintrest Pinners Expo & Conference

This can easily turn into a 3 part blog post, I enjoyed myself that much.

This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending the first Pinners Conference & Expo in Utah.

I arrived a tad bit early because I wanted to ensure the extra goody bag they were handing out to the first 250 people.  I was second in line.  Mission accomplished.

pinners expo

Your entrance fee included unlimited classes.  I had a field day picking mine.

First up was “Instagram Marketing” by Freshly Picked’s Susan Petersen

I learned some great Instagram marketing tips, new strategies, and most importantly had fun.

pintrest Collage

Next up was a class on helping me make delicious fast and easy dinners.

Just Family Dinners by Six Sisters Camille & Stephanie

They are amazing!  6 super cute sisters that know how to cook.  Visit their website Six Sister Stuff and revamp your weekly menu.


3rd class for the day I needed badly….

 “Makeups Common Do’s & Don’ts” by Maskcara’s Cara Brook

cara Collage

Cara showed us how to highlight and contour, how to fix our eyebrows, the right foundation coverage, and my name was chosen as a make up model for guess what???  How to cover up dark circles!!!  I was like YES!!!!  I have those and need to learn how to cover it up!  Was a great class and I am looking forward to ordering some of her own make up line.

Next class was “From Pinterest to Home” by Kimberly Moore

Third FLoor Designs

I learned so much from this class.  She broke it down into small steps that I can do over time.  I don’t need to worry about spending $1000 on every room.  She gave perfectly clear examples with pictures, and even gave us contacts to her favorite stores.  She was heaven-sent.  Loved her presentation.  Visit her blog for some visual eye candy.

My next class was “Color Magic Paper Crafting” by Heidi Swapp

Believe it or not I have not played with Color Shine until then!  I figured why not take the class from the master herself!!

One of my favorite parts of the expo was the fact that even if you didn’t registered for the class you could wait in the Stand by Line for a seat.  What a great idea that was.

 pinners expo

I saved the best class for the end of the day.  “Subway Art Ornaments” by Hazel and Ruby

They have these reuseable stencils that are just magical!  In this class we made ornaments.  In like 20 minutes.  Just awesome.

hazel & ruby Collage

Lindsay and I go way back in the crafting industry!  We have been friends since his SEI days, I even taught classes for him when he was with Cosmo Cricket.  He now has his own company he started with his friend Jayme.  They are genius and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us!  In true Lindsay fashion he sent me home with Hazel & Ruby stencils… so expect some magical projects.

hazel & ruby

I loved the whole expo experience.  In between classes I walked the floor and I was impressed with the variety of vendors they had.  I cannot wait until the next one.. I will be first (or second) in line.  If you want to see everyone’s pictures on Instagram just look up the hashtag  #pinners.  We were all encouraged to use that hashtag.

Thanks Pinners Conference & Expo job well done!

Halloween Fabric on Craft Projects

One of my all time favorite items to use on my projects is… fabric.  I am a tad bit obsessed with it.  New, old, vintage… it doesn’t matter I love it all.  It just changes things up a bit.  There are more patterns than ribbon, more durable than paper, and sometimes has a story to tell.  You can rip it, cut it, sew it, glue it, tie it, anyway to use it you will be happy.  I think one of the most easiest ways to use a piece of gorgeous fabric is to just place in it a frame!  Yep, that is right.  Cut the desired pattern you want to display and instead of placing a photo put the fabric in the frame and viola!


framed fabric

I guarantee you will be on the hunt for gorgeous fabric.  How easy and quick to change out for the different holidays?  Super fun, and super  inexpensive.

Here are a few of my favorite Halloween fabrics.

Alexander Henry Fabric

Alexander Henry Fabric The Ghastlies

Edgar Michael Miller

Michael Miller Edgar on White

halloween fabric

Spooktacular Witches Brew by Blend Fabrics

Paseo de los Muertos in Black

Paseo de los Muertos in Black and white   by Alexander Henry

Have fun creating and decorating my friends!



Are you on Pintrest?  Pj and I are occasionally… ok we are on everyday.  We we want to follow you!  Leave your Pintrest link in the comments and PJ and I will follow you.  We pin lots and lots. We like to look at other people pins.. lots and lots.  I am in the midst of reorganizing my boards so bear with me!  If you would like to follow our boards you can find us here:

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4 minute Halloween Banner

You read it right!  4 minutes from start to finish.  Teresa Collins is a genius when she designed this paper.  Why not embrace a project that takes less than 5 minutes or less?  You always have the option to embellish on the design and make it as intricate as you would like.





teresa collins


In my case I just wanted it simple.  All I took out was my paper trimmer, some twine, and my Crop-a-dile hole punch.

halloween banner Collage

Sometimes finished is better than pretty.

Halloween Treat bags out of Dollar Spot Deals

Hello my name is PJ and I’m a sucker for the Dollar Spot section of Target!  Who isn’t?  You can find just about anything in that section for your holiday needs.  Right now, it’s full of fun and fabulous Halloween themed items!  I’m always trying to find new ways to dress up treat bags for my kids to take to their classes.  I swear their is a secret competition between the moms in the classes to see who makes the cutest/coolest goody bag!   Well, here is my latest goody bag creation.  I got the bags at the Dollar Spot section of Target. They came in quantities of 4 per package.  I then just added some plain cardstock borders that I punched out with various Martha Stewart Halloween punches. I also used those border punches to make the rosettes and lastly added some tulle and twine that I had lying around.

bcuzuluvme blog


organstreatbag Collage


halloween pinwheel Collage

bcuzuluvme blog