Debbie Miller bcuzuluvme Spotlight

We are so excited to to introduce you to this crazy talented lady Debbie Miller.  This girl covers it all from paper-crafting, mixed media art, to jewelry making.  Get to know her and her talents by reading more about her.

 I spent the afternoon with her at her studio and here’s how it went…


1. What do you do to become inspired to create? Listen to music? Look at blogs? Read a magazine? Actually, I get a lot of my inspiration from the world around me, in simple things that you see every day. I’m fortunate too have some great trails near me, so I hike those to clear my head and get inspiration. Just changing my environment for a moment really inspires and gets the ideas flowing. Just getting out in the world, taking pictures, looking at something common differently. I love art gallery’s, recently, I visited Norton Simon Museum which inspired me to tap into my drawing and sketching that I had ignored for so long.


2. We notice you use so many different tools when you create! What is your most favorite to work with?? I LOVE my soldering iron! I got into soldering a few years ago and can’t put it down. Being that I work in so many mediums, the tool inventory ranges from paper arts and mixed media to jewelry and beading. As mentioned earlier, I rediscovered my drawing and sketching and remembered I Love my smudgers. I could go on and on you know.I also use a lot of conventional garage tools in my work~hammer, hacksaw, files…ooo, Love my Dremel and my doming block. Oh man, I Love so many! For paper, I love my Quickutz and Sizzix, I’m kinda Old Skool that way.


3. How did you get started creating these works of art? I’ve always been creative, but I’ve been evolving through the years. I used to be heavily into scrapbooking and even had my own store for 5 years, Scrapping Lounge. That experience opened up a whole new world to me and unlocked my creativity. Soon, I was looking for different ways to create with paper and developed my technique for decoupaging on vintage handbags and accessories. That all lead to jewelry making, beading, soldering, the list just goes on. Once that faucet was turned on, I didn’t want to ever turn it off! Now, the ideas just appear to me, being I’m always working on something, whether in my mind or actually in the studio; I’ll glance on something while I’m out and that will trigger a new idea or process to apply to an existing project I might be stuck on. I might be making dinner for my “Scrap Girls” at my crop and that will give me a
new insight on how to heat metals! You never know where the ideas and inspiration will come from.


4. Name one crafty item you cannot live without. Paper trash. It’s the basis of my mixed media art and design ideas. One of my favorite sources of materials is looking to everyday items we discard all of the time. Having weathered the recession, I had to think of imaginative ways to create something out of nothing, which is true art. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but knew there were materials all around me and ideas waiting to be born. In mixed media, this is key, creating out of nothing. Up cycling, recycling and re purposing all come into play. My mixed media books are loaded with common office products, cardboard, chipboard, bits of ephemera from many different sources. Turning something that is considered “trash” into a piece of art and seeing the look on my students faces when they realize this is such a rush!


5. Name your designer or anybody that has most influenced your work. Well, there are so many, being I work in so many areas and I’m blessed with some very creative friends, let’s see…when it comes to jewelry and soldering I Love Kathy Menasco’s work of Kathy Jo Designs, her vintage inspired jewelry is Amazing and original. Irene Sanchez, owner of the Garden of Beaden in Upland taught me how to solder and I developed my love for beading through her and the Amazing artists that I’ve met through her group. Robin Dudley-Howes, Tara Wilson, Lisa Loria, Crystal Basica, Omazahara Ellis, Melanie Doerman, the list just goes on! When it comes to creating with paper~I go to my roots in scrapbooking that go back over 20 years and my creative evolution that have brought me to where I am today.


6. What was the last song you downloaded on your IPOD? Or Your favorite radio station? I always listen to The Sound in my studio, it’s my jam. I have a great CD collection too. Everything from Big Bands to Lady Gaga, Rock to Jazz, you name it! One of my favs for years are The Red Elvis’~ Ukrainian Rockabilly~I discovered them at The Sawdust Festival years ago and have been a fan ever since!


7. Any favorite TV shows? Being I don’t have cable, it limits my choices, but I’d have to say Modern Family (cracks the heck out of me!), Bones, The Voice. Also, love PBS shows, Doc Martin and William and Mary. Rick Steve’s Travel~his travel episodes came in handy when I ventured to Budapest Hungary, Germany, Slovakia and the Netherlands last year. Again, there’s inspiration everywhere!


8. DO you have an Instagram? Blog? Pintrest? Facebook? Youtube Channel????? Yes, Yes, yes! Instagram, Pintrest, Etsy and FB all under Debbrajdesigns Blog                          website


9. Any advice to someone who is interested in creating mixed media art? Open your mind and let the ideas come! There are no rules, so don’t put limits on yourself. We all are creative, just some of us haven’t had the opportunity to express it. When I had my store, I would hear so many customers say: “I’m just not creative” or “I’m not artistic”. Bah, get your hands dirty, tear paper, don’t measure, throw glitter on it~work with child like abandon and you will be amazed! It’s in there, you just have to let it out!


10. FIll in the blank… I never leave the house without my…. iphone, because the camera is Awesome! I’m always snapping pictures of things that inspire me! Why do you think I’ve been posting all of those great sunrise and sunset pictures on FB lately? Live in the moment Gang! Also pockets, got to have pockets to put found treasures in. Remember child like abandon, this is part of it. (wow, that was a long blank I filled in)


11. Your snack of choice… sweet or salty?? I bake from scratch a lot, trying to simplify my diet and be healthy, so I eat cookies occasionally that I bake or veggie chips that I’ve made. So I guess both, sweet and salty, I don’t discriminate.


12. If you were granted one magical power what would it be? Of course, magic like Samantha’s on Bewitched is the Best power Ever! I think I’d go with that one, imagine all of the things you could do AND, you could have more hours in your day if you wanted~that’s it, Samantha’s witchery for me!


13. Where can we purchase your items at? Etsy under my shop- Debbrajdesigns I have lots more on my website (can’t purchase direct from site, but can email me at:


14. Has this hobby of yours taught you anything new? Yes, it’s never too late to follow your bliss! Even if you have to work a 9-5 job that takes you away from what you really want to do, create! One day you will have the opportunity to do what you WANT and you will be that much more fulfilled. I worked in corporate America for over 25 years and I was always working on some project or another after hours. It was just in me to create. My art evolved through the years to what it is now. Every bump, failure, success, change, tweak, experience has led me here. Don’t ever quit or give up on yourself and your art, create. Even if you can only do it occasionally and have no space for a studio; you can work at your kitchen table after the kids are asleep and work on a project, no matter how small or seldom, create. Now, I’m able to turn this hobby into an actual business, create!


15. If you weren’t creating each day what other activity would we find you doing? Costume design. Except for all of the measuring, I love coming up with costumes for events. Also, I’ve been told that I would be a great party planner. Either of those, had I started years ago, could have been my future. Of course, being a trick rider in the circus was my choice when I was a kid, but that’s a story for another day.


16. Any interesting tidbits we should know about you? I was a Job’s Daughter when I was a teenager. I rode horses and showed and still ride to this day, though not as often. I have a sister who died from leukemia when I was 12, she was 9. I’m stubborn (must be my German heritage) but not unyielding. I have a warped sense of humor (doesn’t everyone?) I went to the Wendy Ward school of modeling because my mom made me. I sun bathed topless when I lived at home and burned my boobies. (that was dumb) I love to go camping and can’t ski. I can still roller skate and have danced on a table or two. I’m a big kid at times and refuse to grow up!


Isn’t she just the coolest ever?  My goodness!  Keep up with her and all her shows, crops and art!!

Thanks Debbie for allowing us in your studio for the day and for sharing your talents with us all.  You are going to want to keep your eye on her!


Hazel & Ruby

I am so excited when new fresh companies arise, but this one is definitely something special.  Thier website is eye candy.. make preparations to spend a long length of time looking everything over.  Once you log on you will be in wonderland.

Hazel & Ruby

They covered the bases with cute stuff for all of us!  Digital files, paper kits, albums, stencils, monthly kits and so much more!

I am a lucky gal and get to take a class from them next week at the Pinners Conference… be jealous people be jealous.

hazel & ruby

What makes this company more spectacular is the people behind it… good things happen to good people…. and these are my friends are good people!

hazel & ruby

Go now and like them on Facebook they are in the giving spirit right now and have been giving prizes away all week!

Can’t wait to see what else is in store for this wonderful company.

Vicky Johnston A Bcuzuluvme Spotlight

We are so excited to be highlighting Crafty Sensation Vicky Johnston.  We can’t wait for you to get to know her a little better.  Come tour her craft space with us and look at all her amazing projects.  It’s ok to be jealous… we were.

bcuzuluvme blog

What do you do to become inspired to create? Listen to music? Look at blogs? Read a magazine?  I truly am inspired by everything around me… I usually wake up and decide to try to make a project a day. Whether it’s a card or scrapbook page etc. I usually turn on my tv and begin to watch my shows that I either have recorded or regular morning shows. Then I look at my latest pictures and decide what colors I would like to use and then the idea comes to life. I also am barely starting to become obsessed with you tube so I watch all of my subscriptions regularly and try to work on a new card fold or a technique etc. It is super fun and inspiring in every way for me.

halloweencards Collage

We notice you are such a fashionista! What are some of your favorite designers? Favorite stores to shop at?  I have always loved fashion when I was younger I dreamed of becoming a designer and actually won best dressed for my highschool senior year. That was super cool!! I love love clothes and enjoy shopping everywhere. There isn’t a particular place that I enjoy best. I love to wear dresses the best. I am such a sucker for a gorgeous dress and will not stop thinking about it until I can go back and get it. LOL. My favorite designer would be BETSEY JOHNSON because i love her whimsical style and how colorful and fun it is. I hope to be an eccentric older woman with huge jewelry and tutu’s still crafting away. Just kidding but seriously!!

bcuzuluvme blog

You are a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator, tell us a little bit how you got started and why you picked this company?  I am a Stampin Up demonstrator and decided to become one because I love to make cards and stamp. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and I loved to color in such beautiful stamps. I also really wanted to go to convention in Utah. Let me tell you it was so worth everything!! I love this company so much the product is fabulous and I have met so many beautiful women who also enjoy stamping and I love meeting cool people and that’s what this company allows me to do.

bcuzuluvme blog

Name one craft tool you cannot live without.  The craft tool that I cannot live without would have to be my Cricut because I love to cut titles, borders, embellishments etc. I adore it in every way!!

bcuzuluvme blog

Name your favorite scrapbook company ….Honestly, I really do not have a favorite company. I lead with my heart and my artsy side which is just anything that catches my eye at the moment. Sometimes it’s completely opposite in style so I guess you can say its every company.

bcuzuluvme blog

What was the last song you downloaded on your IPOD?  I love music so much and the last song that I downloaded on my Ipod was The Long and Winding Road by the Beatles. But let me show you how I am everywhere because on that same day I downloaded Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. I love old and new music so much!

bcuzuluvme blog

Any favorite TV shows?  I love tv so much right now. There was a time when nothing really interested me, but now, there are some amazing shows!! Scandal, Nashville, Homeland, Duck Dynasty, 19 kids and counting, Ray Donovan, The View, Wendy Williams, All of the Housewives shows, The Voice, X Factor, Sons of Anarchy and my favorite favorite…MAD MEN!!

bcuzuluvme blog

Do you have an Instagram? Blog? Pintrest? Facebook? Youtube Channel? How can we find you?   My instagram is VICKYJOHNSTON76. My blog is I have two channels on You tube. One is Vicky’s Crafty where I take videos about all of my craft endeavors. Vickyville is my channel all on my family life etc. On facebook I can be found at Victoria Valenciana Johnston. I love social media!!

bcuzuluvme blog

Any advice to a newbie stamper?  My advice to a newbie stampie would be to call me and come to my totally rad classes because they are a lot of fun and informative. LOL Just have fun and get with a group of caring stampers who can share their awesome wisdom with you and their stamps.

bcuzuluvme blog

FIll in the blank… I never leave the house without ______________________.  I never leave the house without my makeup bag and a pair of flip flops in my purse when me feet hurt from wearing my heels.

vickycropper Collage

Your snack of choice… sweet or salty??  My favorite snack would have to be salty. Any chips and dip, popcorn, humus, pita chips, trail mix, cheese and crackers and most of all ROCKSTARS AND BLACK COFFEE AND COKE ZERO!

thanksgiving Collage

IIf you were granted one magical power what would it be?  If I could have one magical power it would be to make everyone just nice. No one would ever be in a bad mood because I would be able to sprinkle happy dust on them and then their bad mood would just disappear. Also, I would be able to eat anything I want and be super skinny!! LOL Just kidding!

journaling Collage

Any interesting tidbits we should know about you? I just love to craft in every way because it makes my creative side of me so very happy. It is my therapy and you can always tell when I am going through something because I have a million projects done. LOL:) Seriously, I just love my family and feels so blessed to meet so many awesome people who share my crafty passion.


Didn’t you just fall in love with her?  We love that she makes a point to journal on her scrapbook pages in her own writing!  That is such a special treat these days.  We also are so impressed how many pictures she puts on each layout…. so awesome.  You need to go watch her Youtube videos, you will feel like you are right there in her house with her.  Keep your eye out on this gal, she has impressed us with her stamping  and scrapbooking talents… not to mention I want to hire her to be my personal stylist!!!   Thank  you Vicky for allowing us in your crafty life.

Mothership Scrapbook Gal A Bcuzuluvme Spotlight on Rina Gonzales

Everybody this is Rina from Mothership Scrapbook Gal….. Rina this is Everybody!  From time to time we like to feature a company or just a crafty person, in the case it’s both!  She is a crafty gal that hots these amazing “Crafty Hours” in delicious restaurants.  Food + crafts = a scrapbookers dream.  Get to know her a little more I promise you’ll love her!

mothership scrapbook gal

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

My name is Rina and my business is “Mothership Scrapbook Gal” and my tag line is “Bringing Handmade to You”. I love crafting and scrapbooking – it is my passion and I truly enjoy helping others to become creative through my events and if they are not crafty – by helping people with my custom orders. I host craft events, such as Crafty Happy Hour and Scrapbooking Days, throughout Southern California. In addition to hosting events, for custom orders – I primarily make scrapbooks and banners – but I am always willing to brainstorm for clients who wants to have a special gift made for their family and friends. I also just started a project where I can bring a “Custom Scrapbook Station” to your party/wedding. The station basically gets guests scrapbooking pages that will turn into a book for the guest of honor, it’s going to be fun to book events where my team will go and help people create scrapbook pages and will provide all supplies for the station.

mothership scrapbook gal
2. We noticed you have a blog, can you tell us about your ideal reader?

My ideal reader is someone who wants to be inspired to attend an event and/or create a project on their own. I have information on upcoming events and DIY tutorials on my blog. I also offer a lot of information regarding WHERE to get craft items, check out my “Guide to Scrapbook Stores in the Inland Empire” here:

mothership scrapbook gal
3. When did you start Mothership Scrapbook Gal?

Mothership Scrapbook Gal became my business name this year, but prior to that I had created my blog in 2009. The business has truly blossomed this year with my introduction of “Crafty Happy Hour” at local restaurants throughout the Inland Empire.

mothership scrapbook gal

4. Before you started your own blog was their any other blogs that inspired you?

Yes. My biggest crafty inspiration is Crafty Chica Kathy Cano-Murillo. I had been taking her online courses on blogging and marketing for years. Another blog that I love that is not crafting but foodie/lifestyle is

mothership scrapbook gal

5. What is your crafty goal for 2013?

To start my baby niece’s scrapbook, she was born on April 6th. My sister is not a scrapbooker, so I create the book for my sister to fill in!

mothership scrapbook gal

6. Let’s pretend you are not a scrapbooker… what other hobby would your life revolve around?


7. What song did you last upload to your Ipod?

#thatPOWER with Will I Am and Justin Beiber (for my running song list, it’s called “Let’s Go”)

mothership scrapbook gal

8. When you are crafting music or no music?


9. Favorite color?


10. If I were to come visit where would you take me to eat?

In Riverside there are so many GREAT foodie options: Phood on Main, The Salted Pig, Zacatecas, Bahn Thai and Tony’s Tacos are a few of my favorites!

mothership scrapbook gal

11. If you could pick one crafty super power what would it be?

To be able to bling out my outfits and scrapbook pages with the bat of my eyelashes! I definitely love bling 🙂

msg 3mothership scrapbook gal

12. Any interesting tidbits about you?

I’m a lawyer and work for the City of Riverside. I passed the Bar Exam and bought my first home at the age of 25. I love clothes shopping, but lately I mostly buy for my adorable nephew and niece. I love Zumba, running and cupcakes – that’s consistent right?

You can find Rina here:

Upcoming Events

Saturday, September 28, 2013
Sweet Epies Bakery & Cafe, 3540 9th Street, Downtown Riverside
9 am to 11 am
Cost: $5 per card

Isn’t she just the cutest???  And a little secret….bcuzuluvme will be at their Crafty Hour on Saturday October 19th and we designed the cutest little make n’ take  featuring Epiphany Crafts!  Be sure to follow Mothership Scrapbook Gal so you don’t miss out on the details!

Thanks Rina for being so inspirational.

SoCal Crafty Love

Just linking up to some of our favorite local SoCal craft-love today.

Michelle has a blog call Michelle’s Paper Affair.  We don’t want to give too much away about Michelle (we are saving the good stuff for our feature on her) but we wanted you to get acquainted with her.  So everybody this is our talented friend Michelle!

Michelle's Blog

Michelle's Blog

Stamp you Heart Out

Stamp Your Heart Out

Stamp Your Heart Out is one of our favorite rubber stamp stores for many reasons.  One of the biggest reasons is they love their customers!!  They are constantly having events, classes, and new product for us.  Want to feel like you’re there??  Now you can because they have an  Instagram!  You must go follow them.   And if you ever get the chance to visit then in quaint  Claremont, California you will be a lucky gal.

We shared with you today  some of our Socal Crafter love.. this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Beginning at the end of the month we will be highlighting in-depth stores, bloggers, and crafters from California!!!  Yes we are sharing the sunny SoCal love… can you feel it?

Studio Pebbles

I know, I know it is not Say it Saturday, but I could not pass up linking you all to the ever so talented Jennifer Pebbles and her rockin’ blog.

Look at this masterpiece she created for us!  It is brilliant and I cannot wait to print it out and display it in my home.

Studio Pebbles Blog

Go on and check out her blog… but I warn you a whole day might pass before you realize you have been glued to your computer.  She is one of my faves and is ever so cute in person too!

GeekGalz *Blogger* Scrapbooker Extraordinaire

We all have that website, or blog we have to visit a few times a week right?  One of my favorite scrapbook blogs is GeekGalz.  I love her work (not to mention she is a photographer so her pictures are awesome) but her color combos are amazing too!  She is a traditional 12×12 scrapbooker and is also doing Project Life.  Evelyn is a Crate Paper design team member and has an impressive resume’.    She takes clear colorful pictures of her work and detailed close-ups of the layouts as well.  As if taking amazing pictures of her layouts weren’t enough she even lists what products she uses on her pages….now that is pure love!  Enjoy some of her work below and then go stalk her on Facebook, Instagram, and her blog!

Here is a sample of a 12×12 layout




PL Geek Galz

Isn’t she just wonderful?  Big fan of hers right here!!!

Polka Dot Whimsy

Do you have plans August 2nd, 3rd, or 4th?  Polka Dot Whimsy is having another one of those amazing crops they host.  Go one day or go all three! Michelle Hill owner/designer creative master mind behind Polka Dot Whimsy is pretty much a crafting goddess.  She literally plans cute make n’ takes, feeds you lunch and dinner, has yummy snacks, and offers you her creative mojo each day!

Polka Dot Whimsy

how can you not get inspired here??

If you have a super time and never want to leave you can take a little piece of Michelle with you by purchasing her monthly kits!

Polka Dot Whimsy

Now you have a little piece of her with you!

The moral of this post is…Michelle Hill is awesome, Polka Dot Whimsy is awesome, and we donated swag to their awesome swag bags!

swag bcuzuluvme