My Favorite Things Party by Elevate Blog Conference & The Printed Palette

I have been counting the days until Friday, November 15th.  The Elevate Blog Conference & The Printed Palette My Favorite Things Party.   Basically you are to bring 5 of the exact same items (your favorite items ever) with a value between $5-$7. Now for the most interesting part, it said  “be creative in your selections and packaging“. Yikes!! I’ll be surrounded by super creative people what am I to do?

You all saw my post yesterday on what I brought.  The mason jars filled with a ton of my favorites!! If you didn’t get a chance to see check them out here.

The night started out with some mingling, crafting, and eating. SO many pictures to post but I just couldn’t bear to choose.  If you look up the hashtag #elevateconfftp on Instagram you can see the whole party.

After all that fun, the presentations of gifts began.

The first was from Dana and here gift had a great message.  We all never really stop and take the time to just take a picture of what is real.  WIth our phones and digital cameras we are obsessed with taking the perfect picture instead of taking a picture of the moment.  No retakes, just a real picture.  I loved the idea!!!  She gave us a disposable camera, and a list of treasured moments to capture.  Brilliant for that person that needs to stop and smell the roses.

mft#1 Collage

 Next, I was presented by Jen from Delightful Deets gift. I loved the simplicity of how she wrapped it!  It was a bag of her most favorite chocolate chips wrapped with a paper doily, and tulle with a gift card to her favorite store TARGET!  DUH!  That is everybody’s favorite store right??  This would be a super cute idea maybe instead of a Target gift card it could be to Williams Sonoma, or Trader Joe’s, or a cute bakery.

MFT#2 Collage

Personal handmade gifts are some of my favorite gifts ever.  And you all know my obsession with kraft paper!!  When I received this bag of goodies from Jenilee from Squint Paperie I literally squealed with joy!!!  First off it was wrapped in a little brown paper bag, second she hand-lettered the phrase on the bag!  WOW!  Inside was more kraft goodies and a white pen.  I LOVE white pens!!!  So cute!  Personal stationery is a fantastic gift for anyone.

mft#3 Collage

I love the idea of wrapping up goodies in gable boxes.  Dress it up with some washi tape and add a handmade tassel and boom… instant success! Summer of Made by Munchie’s Mama put a bunch of goodies together in this adorable box.  I couldn’t help but to gravitate to the nail polish and nail decals!  How fitting considering I live in a house with three daughters!  Nail polish is a staple in out house.  What a great idea!  You could do this gift on a budget… think dollar tree nail items.  What gal doesn’t love goodies for her nails!

mft#4 Collage

I love how Darcie from Juneau Luxe used the gift wrap box from Sephora in her own way.  Lots of time I shop at places that I know will gift wrap or include packaging.  Darcie could have wrapped it like she was supposed to but instead she left the top opened and poofed out the tissue paper.  It was such a cute little twist to what could have looked like an ordinary gift box.  You don’t have to follow the rules of gift wrapping… do whatever is going o make it look super cute!  By the way she included the best hand and nail lotion from Sephora EVER!!! MFT#5 Collage

There was so many more great ideas out there!  Look up the #hashtag I mentioned to see them all.

Just when we though we were done for the night The Elevate ladies along with The Printed Palette gave us a bag full of swag…. FULL!  The Printed Palette had these gorgeous bags made for us especially for the event.


mftswag Collage mftswag2Collage mftswag3 Collage mftswag4 Collage mftswag5 Collage mftswag6 Collage mftswag7 Collage mftswag8Collage




One of the best parts of the night was being able to spend it with my friend Michelle Hill of Polka Dot Whimsy… and what was even better was we made so many new  friends!  YAY!!!!  Hope these $5 gift ideas inspired you to stay within your budget this year!  Now hurry go look at Instagram at all the other greatness from the night!!

me and Michelle


Mason Jar Gift Wrapping

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending The My Favorite Things event by The Elevate Blog Conference  in Carlsbad at The Printed Palette.  We had to bring 5 of our “favorite things” to trade with 5 other people, all while being creative in the packaging.  Want to hear more about this awesome event?  Check back later this week, I will be doing a whole separate blog post about the event.   For now I will be giving you a little teaser on how I packaged my favorites!

I love mason jars.  I use jars for everything.  They are in my craft room and help me organize things.  I always give away my homemade salsa in them.  Last year even started giving my cookies away in them as well.  This year I wanted to take it a step further and start packaging non edible items in them as well.  I decided to package my items in mason jars.  Genius right??  YES!!!!!!

mason jars

First off,  if you know me you know I love Mary Kay Eye Make Up Remover…like LOVE the stuff.  But I knew I couldn’t buy and give that out to everyone (we had a $5-$7 cap).  I also use Ponds cleansing towelettes, they have been a favorite of my especially when I travel.  Those I could buy (in the travel section for $1).  I knew they would be a perfect fit in the jars too!

mason jar

Between scrapbooking and my photography business I use my camera stamp almost daily.  I love it so much so I knew I had to include that in there.  What else is my trade mark style?  Tickets… I always use them as my to and from tags on gifts… and we cannot forget my love affair with kraft paper, so I included a few mini kraft bags.  Boom done!

mason jars

I couldn’t stop there, I had to decorate the jar itself.  I always have a massive stash of paper doilies and cupcake wrappers on hand. I cannot pass cupcake wrappers and not buy them… they are a total weakness of mine.  I just went with the whole “blue ribbon” look and  layered it all together and attached it to the lid of the jar.  I made the tails out of a pages from a vintage book I have been using to create with.  I added some pom-pom ribbon and a bottle cap with the same vintage paper and DONE!  I am mason jar wrapping hooked.  I am now going to wrap everything in a jar!  Don’t be surprised what I will now stuff into a jar.

mason jar

Looks cute right?  I know you all have jars in your cupboards.  Get them out and start using them.. like NOW!

Meet Us… The Creative Force That Makes bcuzuluvme

You have been following this blog for sometime now and we thank you… but we feel very Phantom of the Opera cause you don’t really know who we are and what we look like!  We want to introduce ourselves so you can get to know us a little bit better.


Find PJ here: Instagram  &  Pintrest

PJ here… I have been married to my husband  for almost 12 years and have 4 rapidly growing children — 3 girls ages 11,9 & 4 and a 7 year old boy!   Scrapbooking is my first love when it comes to crafting but I can do/make so much more than that! My kids pretty much keep me occupied ALL the time between school, homework and all of their extra curricular activities I am always on the go!  But I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Stay tuned for more crafty projects, ideas and get to know me and my other half Tina!


Find Tina here: Instagram & Pintrest

This is my story… short story of course.  I have been with this guy ^^^ since high school.  We have three daughters, and a beagle.  My most favorite aspect of being creative is the creative people you meet!  I go to Disneyland weekly.  I visit Starbucks daily.  I think about my family every second of the day.  Their is so much more to know about me… but you’ll just have to keep checking in on the blog to find out all the details!

Now that you know what we look like.. if you see me at Disneyland say HI!!!!  If you see me at Starbucks I’ll treat you to a cup of coffee!!! Promise.

Bcuzuluvme will be at Crafty Happy Hour

That is correct Bcuzuluvme featuring Epiphany Crafts will be at Crafty Happy Hour in Chino this Saturday!  Come by and visit me and PJ at 12:00.  We will be making a spooky tag with the Epiphany Craft Tool.

bcuzuluvme2 Collage

Mothership Scrapbook Gal 

Mothership Scrapbook Gal

Mothership Scrapbook Gal puts on these Crafty Happy Hour along with the CHA movement.


Want to come get crafty with us?

We have been to Expo and back…

Yes, that is right.   We have survived crops, shopping, working, friends, sales, make n’ takes, classes, and have lived to tell the tale.

As usual PJ finds the deals… she always manages to buy her albums at the Expo for the year (for practically nothing!).


You do notice her other hand is holding shopping bags as well… more deals!

I was in the Mon Ami Gabby booth working.  I had a steady stream of readers, followers, and friends come through the booth for their selfies!!!!


It was a great weekend, and I was so glad to run into everybody!  If their is an Expo in your city GO to it!!  You will be missing out if you don’t!

Pinners Conference & Expo Where Pinterest Comes to Life


We have all admitted to spending hours upon hours scouring Pinterest for great ideas.  We get confidenat enough to try these idea out.  Sometimes it works out like planned, sometimes it doesn’t.  The Pinners Confrenece & Expo is bringing Pinterest to life for us.  You will be able to register for classes from Pinterest’s most popular pins, plus you will be able to shop at the expo after.  I am in utter heaven at the thought of attending this.

Here is a little blurb from the website:

Pinners is two great events in one. It’s a Pinterest-based conference featuring nearly 80 classes taught by the best presenters in the nation. And it’s also an expo with nearly 200 top exhibiting businesses providing beautiful options in the worlds of DIY, crafts, wedding planning, baby and children, cooking, photography, party planning, nails, scrapbooking, holiday, beauty and fashion and all sorts of other great things. What’s Pinners? It’s your new favorite event!

This show is mainly about two cool things: fun classes and plentiful shopping. It will feature nearly 80 top classes from the coolest presenters in the nation. Check out the “Presenters” tab to learn more. You’ll also enjoy nearly 200 exhibiting businesses providing beautiful shopping options in the worlds of DIY, crafts, wedding, baby, cooking, photography, party planning, nails, scrapbooking, holiday decor, clothing, jewelry and all sorts of other things!

Pinners was designed just for you. It’s new and always changing to accommodate what’s hot right now. So say “goodbye” to the same old boring things and “hello” to an awesome weekend filled with what’s fresh! It’s destined to become one of your favorite events.

Do you think it cost hundreds of dollars to attend?  Think again.

General admission is $20 (additional day $10). Children are welcome but not discounted. Babes-in-arms are free. 10% discount for pre-registering online, or a 25% pre-registration discount from VIP exhibitors and presenters. Ask them for a promotional code! *All classes are included in admission. Some classes will have an optional materials fee if you’d like the in-class kits.

Where & When does this magical event happen?

When and where
Friday and Saturday, October 25-26, 2013 at the South Towne Expo Center in [Salt Lake City] Sandy, Utah (9575 S. State, Sandy, Utah)

Friday 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Enough said right?  Who is booking their plane ticket as we speak?  I already signed up and picked my classes!!!  WHEW!!  WHEW!!!  It is actually my anniversary weekend and we will be kicking it off in Utah.  While I am enjoying a day of Pinterest heaven, the mister will be enjoying a day of CrossFit  in Park City.  I call that a win win for both of us.

SoCal Crafty Love

Just linking up to some of our favorite local SoCal craft-love today.

Michelle has a blog call Michelle’s Paper Affair.  We don’t want to give too much away about Michelle (we are saving the good stuff for our feature on her) but we wanted you to get acquainted with her.  So everybody this is our talented friend Michelle!

Michelle's Blog

Michelle's Blog

Stamp you Heart Out

Stamp Your Heart Out

Stamp Your Heart Out is one of our favorite rubber stamp stores for many reasons.  One of the biggest reasons is they love their customers!!  They are constantly having events, classes, and new product for us.  Want to feel like you’re there??  Now you can because they have an  Instagram!  You must go follow them.   And if you ever get the chance to visit then in quaint  Claremont, California you will be a lucky gal.

We shared with you today  some of our Socal Crafter love.. this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Beginning at the end of the month we will be highlighting in-depth stores, bloggers, and crafters from California!!!  Yes we are sharing the sunny SoCal love… can you feel it?

LA County Fair * Must See Los Angeles* Digital Scrapbook Kit*

It’s here it’s here it’s finally here!!!!  Cant quite wrap you head around Los Angeles having a legit county fair?  Well they do!

La County Fair

Animal races, deep-fried food, free concerts, carnival games, award-winning food and arts,  and shopping!  Growing up right down the street we watched for a whole month while they set up for this glorious affair.  We got to watch the rides getting trucked in, booths getting set up and the famous cattle drive down Wheeler Avenue straight to the fair.  Few things have changed since than, you can still count on hearing a children’s choir sing, watch a few toddlers tap dance their hearts away, and eat the latest food on a stick craze.

Still aren’t sold on how wonderful this city slicker city can put on a genuine county fair?  Try one of these discount days so you don’t break the bank!

Opening Day (Gates open at 3 p.m.):
$1 admission from 3-6 p.m. only
$2 carnival rides 6-9 p.m.; $2 games 9 p.m.-midnight
Opening Weekend (Gates open at 10 a.m.):
$1 admission from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. only
$19 admission for Adults, 1 p.m..- closing – $12 admission for ages 6-12

Labor Day (Gates open at 10 a.m.): $1 admission from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. only

Wild Wednesdays
$5 after 5 p.m. – $5 Kids Meals after 5 p.m.
Happy Hour 4-7 p.m. $2 off Draft Beer & Margaritas
T-Mobile Thursdays
$5 after 5 p.m.
Thirsty Thursdays 50% off fountain drinks & bottled water all day

Food Drive Friday Fair admission in exchange for five canned products. Free admission good that day only , noon- 6 p.m. only.

Heroes Day Saturday, Sept. 7 – active and retired military, reserves, police, fire and paramedic sand one guest, can attend the Fair for $1 each.

Prices for this season are:

Season Pass $29.99
Adults, 13+: $12
Child, ages 6-12: $8
Seniors 60+: $10
Adults, 13+: $19
Child, ages 6-12: $12
Seniors 60+: $15

Montclair & Fontana – Wednesday, Sept. 4
Diamond Bar – Thursday, Sept. 5
Pomona – Friday, Sept. 6
L.A. County – Sunday, Sept. 8
San Dimas – Wednesday, Sept. 11
La Verne – Thursday, Sept. 12
Upland – Friday, Sept. 13
Chino – Wednesday, Sept. 18
Walnut & West Covina – Thursday, Sept. 19
Chino Hills – Friday, Sept. 20
Glendora – Wednesday, Sept. 25
Claremont – Thursday, Sept. 26
Azusa, Rancho Cucamonga, Covina & Ontario – Friday, Sept. 27

We know you are going to get some awesome Fair pictures and you’re going to want to scrapbook those pictures.  Here is some inspiration for you:

Liliypad Gallery

Layout Link

Two peas in a bucket

Layout Link

Two Peas in a Bucket

Layout Link


Layout Link