It’s all about us…the two of us.  We like to make things, we like to share things, we like to offer these things to you when we can.  Simple.  Find us on etsy…find us on facebook…and if you’re here you’ve already found us..it’s like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow…only better.  But their is a catch, their is always a catch…. we search high and low for unique stuff, cool things to do, awesome things to make, must see places to see, sometimes in our adventures we find 5 items sometimes 25. If you ever see something we have that you like BUY it!!  It might not be there when you come back!  If not just enjoy the things we share with you that are free!  Free is good, everyone likes free.  We will have a TON of free stuff.. like ideas, and coupons, and advice, and tutorials, and MORE!   Sometimes when things spread its not good.. like a cold or germs.. but sometimes spreading stuff is good like jam and good cheer so we want you to spread us like jam and cheer.  Tell your friends about us they will like us too…promise.


Find tina on Instagram:  tkeyner


Find Pj on Instagram: bcuzuluvme


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