Meet Us… The Creative Force That Makes bcuzuluvme

You have been following this blog for sometime now and we thank you… but we feel very Phantom of the Opera cause you don’t really know who we are and what we look like!  We want to introduce ourselves so you can get to know us a little bit better.


Find PJ here: Instagram  &  Pintrest

PJ here… I have been married to my husband  for almost 12 years and have 4 rapidly growing children — 3 girls ages 11,9 & 4 and a 7 year old boy!   Scrapbooking is my first love when it comes to crafting but I can do/make so much more than that! My kids pretty much keep me occupied ALL the time between school, homework and all of their extra curricular activities I am always on the go!  But I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Stay tuned for more crafty projects, ideas and get to know me and my other half Tina!


Find Tina here: Instagram & Pintrest

This is my story… short story of course.  I have been with this guy ^^^ since high school.  We have three daughters, and a beagle.  My most favorite aspect of being creative is the creative people you meet!  I go to Disneyland weekly.  I visit Starbucks daily.  I think about my family every second of the day.  Their is so much more to know about me… but you’ll just have to keep checking in on the blog to find out all the details!

Now that you know what we look like.. if you see me at Disneyland say HI!!!!  If you see me at Starbucks I’ll treat you to a cup of coffee!!! Promise.

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