Halloween Coaster Mini Albums

Halloween may look like it’s over but it’s not what it seems.  If there is candy in your house, stuff still on clearance at the store, and pictures on your camera ready to be printed… it’s not yet over.  Take advantage of all the clearance sales going on.

 I found this 8 pack of Halloween themed coasters in the dollar section at Target and knew what I was going to make with them…. a few mini albums of Halloween.

webhalloween coaster books Collage

Supplies: 1 Pack of Halloween Coasters from Target (makes 4 albums), Crop a- dile, Crafty Bands (Epiphany Crafts Tool) and some crafty stash I already have at home to decorate the books.

Cut some cardstock down to size (these coasters were an easy 4 inches x 4 inches) and corner rounded the edges.  I used my Crop-a-dile to cut through the chipboard coasters and the paper.  Tie some ribbon (loosely so the book can open with ease) through the holes to bind the book together.

Next decorate and add pictures!  You can use lots of scraps since the album is only 4 inches.

halloween coaster mini book

You al know how I feel about the Epiphany Shape tool… and I just love the size of the circle from their Crafty Bands tool (it’s my favorite size!!)

halloween coaster mini book

My daughters are loved by many and received lots of Halloween greeting cards this year… I quickly eyed their stack and knew they would make cute embellishments.  These epoxies were made from a card the girls got in the mail.

halloween coaster mini book

halloween coaster mini book

I am going to keep my eyes peeled for more themed coasters from them, these were too easy to make!


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