How to take great Halloween Pictures

Some of the most treasured pictures of my kids are of them in their Halloween costumes.  Their is so much color not only in their costumes but during the fall season surroundings.

As parents we know our children’s’ limits and how long we have them in a good mood before total breakdown.  So we have to act fast.  Find a pumpkin patch with pumpkins… sounds odd but when they start to have rides and bounce houses forget it, basically you already lost them to the bouncy house!

Late afternoon early evening is prime time for the most gorgeous light ever!  Waiting for the right time of day will result in the perfect pictures.  No shadows, no squinting of the eyes, no washed out pictures. If you have the perfect light you will have no reason to use your flash… so turn it off.

tina k. photography

Find a good little spot and let them explore. You want those candid pictures.

tina k photography

tina k. photography

If you don’t have access to the perfect pumpkin patch, take you little one somewhere their costumes will stand out.

tina k. photography

Somewhere they can act out their character.


Look for a cute store front set up.


A neighbors front porch.webDSC_0624

Your backyard.tina k. photography

Your school or church fall decoration set up.webDSC_0750

Your own house!!

If you want to have a little fun with your Halloween pictures visit a website called PicMonkey. I edit my own photos in Photoshop, but with a push of a button PicMonkey can be your best friend.

tina k. photography

Your best chance of getting a great group shot is seconds before you let them go trick or treating.  They will do anything to hurry and get going.  I always say ” The faster everyone smiles the faster we can go get candy!”  works like a charm!!

tina k. photography

Good luck this year capturing those smiles!

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