Vicky Johnston A Bcuzuluvme Spotlight

We are so excited to be highlighting Crafty Sensation Vicky Johnston.  We can’t wait for you to get to know her a little better.  Come tour her craft space with us and look at all her amazing projects.  It’s ok to be jealous… we were.

bcuzuluvme blog

What do you do to become inspired to create? Listen to music? Look at blogs? Read a magazine?  I truly am inspired by everything around me… I usually wake up and decide to try to make a project a day. Whether it’s a card or scrapbook page etc. I usually turn on my tv and begin to watch my shows that I either have recorded or regular morning shows. Then I look at my latest pictures and decide what colors I would like to use and then the idea comes to life. I also am barely starting to become obsessed with you tube so I watch all of my subscriptions regularly and try to work on a new card fold or a technique etc. It is super fun and inspiring in every way for me.

halloweencards Collage

We notice you are such a fashionista! What are some of your favorite designers? Favorite stores to shop at?  I have always loved fashion when I was younger I dreamed of becoming a designer and actually won best dressed for my highschool senior year. That was super cool!! I love love clothes and enjoy shopping everywhere. There isn’t a particular place that I enjoy best. I love to wear dresses the best. I am such a sucker for a gorgeous dress and will not stop thinking about it until I can go back and get it. LOL. My favorite designer would be BETSEY JOHNSON because i love her whimsical style and how colorful and fun it is. I hope to be an eccentric older woman with huge jewelry and tutu’s still crafting away. Just kidding but seriously!!

bcuzuluvme blog

You are a Stampin’ Up Demonstrator, tell us a little bit how you got started and why you picked this company?  I am a Stampin Up demonstrator and decided to become one because I love to make cards and stamp. It reminds me of when I was a little girl and I loved to color in such beautiful stamps. I also really wanted to go to convention in Utah. Let me tell you it was so worth everything!! I love this company so much the product is fabulous and I have met so many beautiful women who also enjoy stamping and I love meeting cool people and that’s what this company allows me to do.

bcuzuluvme blog

Name one craft tool you cannot live without.  The craft tool that I cannot live without would have to be my Cricut because I love to cut titles, borders, embellishments etc. I adore it in every way!!

bcuzuluvme blog

Name your favorite scrapbook company ….Honestly, I really do not have a favorite company. I lead with my heart and my artsy side which is just anything that catches my eye at the moment. Sometimes it’s completely opposite in style so I guess you can say its every company.

bcuzuluvme blog

What was the last song you downloaded on your IPOD?  I love music so much and the last song that I downloaded on my Ipod was The Long and Winding Road by the Beatles. But let me show you how I am everywhere because on that same day I downloaded Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. I love old and new music so much!

bcuzuluvme blog

Any favorite TV shows?  I love tv so much right now. There was a time when nothing really interested me, but now, there are some amazing shows!! Scandal, Nashville, Homeland, Duck Dynasty, 19 kids and counting, Ray Donovan, The View, Wendy Williams, All of the Housewives shows, The Voice, X Factor, Sons of Anarchy and my favorite favorite…MAD MEN!!

bcuzuluvme blog

Do you have an Instagram? Blog? Pintrest? Facebook? Youtube Channel? How can we find you?   My instagram is VICKYJOHNSTON76. My blog is I have two channels on You tube. One is Vicky’s Crafty where I take videos about all of my craft endeavors. Vickyville is my channel all on my family life etc. On facebook I can be found at Victoria Valenciana Johnston. I love social media!!

bcuzuluvme blog

Any advice to a newbie stamper?  My advice to a newbie stampie would be to call me and come to my totally rad classes because they are a lot of fun and informative. LOL Just have fun and get with a group of caring stampers who can share their awesome wisdom with you and their stamps.

bcuzuluvme blog

FIll in the blank… I never leave the house without ______________________.  I never leave the house without my makeup bag and a pair of flip flops in my purse when me feet hurt from wearing my heels.

vickycropper Collage

Your snack of choice… sweet or salty??  My favorite snack would have to be salty. Any chips and dip, popcorn, humus, pita chips, trail mix, cheese and crackers and most of all ROCKSTARS AND BLACK COFFEE AND COKE ZERO!

thanksgiving Collage

IIf you were granted one magical power what would it be?  If I could have one magical power it would be to make everyone just nice. No one would ever be in a bad mood because I would be able to sprinkle happy dust on them and then their bad mood would just disappear. Also, I would be able to eat anything I want and be super skinny!! LOL Just kidding!

journaling Collage

Any interesting tidbits we should know about you? I just love to craft in every way because it makes my creative side of me so very happy. It is my therapy and you can always tell when I am going through something because I have a million projects done. LOL:) Seriously, I just love my family and feels so blessed to meet so many awesome people who share my crafty passion.


Didn’t you just fall in love with her?  We love that she makes a point to journal on her scrapbook pages in her own writing!  That is such a special treat these days.  We also are so impressed how many pictures she puts on each layout…. so awesome.  You need to go watch her Youtube videos, you will feel like you are right there in her house with her.  Keep your eye out on this gal, she has impressed us with her stamping  and scrapbooking talents… not to mention I want to hire her to be my personal stylist!!!   Thank  you Vicky for allowing us in your crafty life.


10 thoughts on “Vicky Johnston A Bcuzuluvme Spotlight

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  2. Love this piece on Vicky and her super craftiness! I also think your blog is super cute. The pictures turned out fantastic…I need a few pointers myself. Thanks for sharing this with us Vicky and Bcuzuluvme!!!

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