Scrapbook Expo

Did you know that they have expos for just about any hobby that is out there.  Just so happens that they have a Scrapbook Expo, starting next week they will be in Ontario, California.    What can you expect from such an event?  Aisles, upon aisles of vendors, lots of booths offering make n’ takes, latest and greatest items, classes & workshops, crop events, door prizes,  giveaways, and lots of fun.  You can purchase a ticket at the door or visit your local craft store for a coupon… who doesn’t love a coupon.  Mark your calendars now Friday & Saturday October 11th & 12th.

Scrapbook Expo

The best part about it??  I will be working there!  Come find me in one of the most gorgeous booths ever…Mon Ami Gabby seriously they have the prettiest embellishments.  Having a wedding?  You need to come visit us.  Having a party?  Come visit.  Love ribbons?  Come visit.  Just come visit us.  I’ll be the short loudmouth talking with my hands, calling everyone “sweetie”  Come see me and I’ll Instagram our selfies in the booth!

mon ami gabby

PJ will be scouring the floor looking for the latest and greatest, not to mention the deals of the day!!  Follow her on Instagram cause she will be posting her favorites throughout the day.  Now you all know PJ loves a deal right?  Last year’s deal she bought BOXES of albums (not even joking) for nothing.  You are going to want to follow her for the deals!

We are going to hashtag the day #bcuzuluvmescrapbookexpo

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PJ – bcuzuluvme


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