Revolving Bin from Harbor Frieght

We interrupt the regular scheduled post to bring you this one!!  Yesterday this lovely thing was brought into my life and I am so excited I cannot stand it.  The possibilities of what can go in this beauty are unlimited!  Do I paint it, should I leave it this color?  Do I need 5 more?  What is it exactly (besides a crafters best friend?) it is a revolving bin.  This particular one is from Harbor Freight and retails $19.

revolving bin

Here are some samples I found of how people use their revolving bins

Paper Rhino

Paper Rhino

Its Molly Smith

it’s Molly Smith

Ingenious Inking

Ingenious Inking

Cherished Treasures

Cherished Treasures

What should I put in mine?  Should I paint it?  Decisions, decisions…You will have to check back to see what I decided to do to it 😉


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