New Craft Room Part 1

And so this craft room journey of mine begins …  A few months back my husband I decided to convert the third part of the garage to a media room.  We have a three car garage, and this part of the garage shared a wall with our entry hallway.  We saw this as an easy home project.  We called up our good friend Jim (he is a master of any home project and a building inspector) we knew we would be in good hands with him on our project.  After several weeks the room was almost completed… walls up, painted, textured, all we needed was to pick out flooring..and then there was a knock at the door.  We live in the burbs, like they could smell what perfume I put on in the morning.  So while we were busy finishing our room, one of our charming neighbors called code enforcement on us.  Just like that our project was halted.  We were forced to tear down the wall that separated the room from the front of the garage and we had to close the opening we made to open it up to the living room. All that time, hard work and money down the tube because we didn’t get it permitted.  So we begin to put it all back in the original state.  DRATS!!!!!  Fast forward  5 months and the wall is down and opened up again  the room is now mine!  It will take some time to get it up and going, but I have decided the theme of the room will be FUNCTIONALITY.  I will be able to create better in a functional room than a pretty room.  SO people have really pretty rooms, but don’t create in them often.  I would rather have a working room, that is functional.  This would help me be a more productive/creative person.  This weekend we moved my “stuff” into my new room.  Literally we just stuffed everything in there without any rhyme or reason.  I will be able to take my time over the next few months to place everything where it needs to be.

This is part one of my craft room posts.  Follow along as I get this room working functionally for me.

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10 thoughts on “New Craft Room Part 1

    • Thanks Michelle!!! Yours is actually my FAVORITE space!!! I am a stand up crafter… so I like things that are counter height. That will probably be my biggest obstacle. But I have two pieces that I will make work for me!!!

  1. Love, Love, Love everything!!!!! I spied some fabulous Epiphany craft items. I can’t wait to see every step of this journey progress. I sure wish I lived close to you! I miss you my friend.

    • Thanks my friend!! Yes you know I truly love their product it’s no front!! LOL!! It will not be a glamorous space but it will be functional and thats all I need in my life right now 🙂 Can’t wait for you to come down soon so we could scrap and play at Disneyland!!

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