Baby Shower Games are Out Crafts are In

We can call it a sign of the times… or everybody is on Pintrest so their events are getting better.  Either way we have all been to a baby shower or two that lost our interest as soon as the cheesy games came out.  Am I right?

If you come to a shower that I am hosting you can count on not playing any games whatsoever, but you can count on being crafty.  I have hosted my fair share of showers and if you have been a guest at any of my events I am a social butterfly.   Stopping to play games that no one really wants to play cramps my social butterfly-ness, not to mention the guest of honor usually can’t play and then I feel guilty if everyone does not walk away with a prize.  If I am hosting a shower I set up crafting areas throughout the party.

 At this particular party I set up a Bow Bar, Burp Cloth Corner, and a Onesie Table.

bow bar Collage

Gusts are allowed to graze the sumptuous buffet, chat while crafting, and sip on beverages.  There is no stress about finishing the crafts in a certain time frame in fact some guests were so into it they were still crafting while watching the gifts being opened.

I always have a little sign with steps and or instructions in plain sight.

bcuzuluvme blog

Everyone is always afraid that their “Great Aunt Ida” will create a hideous bow and that you will have to put it on your sweet baby cause she will ask you about it… you have nightmare about this scenario.  I put those fears to bed by already layering cute patterns in a “so one will create an ugly bow”  because well it’s just not an option now.  All they have to do is glue it on the ribbon covered hair clip.  Everyone wins… they feel awesome about themselves because they created a great looking bow, and the guest of honor feels great cause she now has a ton of super cute bows!

bcuzuluvme blog

Guest had the option to making all the crafts or picking one they felt comfortable making.

bcuzuluvme blog

During the party we had tags to fill out with their names once they completed a project.  We attached them to each project so the guest of honor knew who created it.

bcuzuluvme blog

Not to mention it looked super cute just hanging there!

bcuzuluvme blog

You can use this set up for bridal showers too!

Just think dish towels, pillowcases, aprons…. get my drift?

4 thoughts on “Baby Shower Games are Out Crafts are In

  1. tina love this idea – my sis in cali is having a baby but i love the idea if she is having a girl that is LOL thanks for sharing

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