Rainbow Loom

I finally caved in and purchased a Rainbow Loom kit for my girls just this past Friday.  I thought we have a long holiday weekend and after our football game duties on Saturday it would be a great way to relax and have the girls do something crafty while I try to catch up on some of my own projects.    I’ve received many e-mails about this new craft kit and have seen it at my local Michael’s store.  When I first came across the kit I thought  “What’s the big deal about this kit?”   The employees themselves didn’t really know too much about it either but that doesn’t surprise me since they didn’t even know about Project Life!  Well two weeks later from its release and voila… we now own two Rainbow Loom kits because we quickly realized that the loom board is something that was hard to share.  The girls also needed more rubber bands to produce more bracelets.  My girls Kylie (11) and Kayla (9) have been busy making bracelet after bracelet and watching endless You Tube videos on the Rainbow loom.  They have already turned many of their friends onto this kit. I personally like it better than that those crazy Silly bands!  This crafty kit provides endless hours of entertainment for my girls! They literally CANNOT put it down!  Catch my girls in action!

Rainbow Loom 3 4 5


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