Craft Room Inspiration for all Room Sizes

We all have our little space in our home that we like to call our “craft area”.  Some of us have a whole room dedicated to our craft while the other have a nook we like to call our space.  Big, or small we collected some great room ideas for you.  Hope it inspires you all to change things up in your rooms!

We loved the room below cause it looks like a million bucks, but yet they used inexpensive stuff.  They tricked our eyes!  Her desk is a painted kitchen table, the shelves are from target and Ikea.  She brought everything together with her color scheme and did a great job organizing all her supplies.

Craft Room Pintrest

This room is great for small spaces.  A dedicated corner in your bedroom, living room, closet or kitchen would work perfect for this set up.


This room looks as if is nestled in the corner of a laundry room.  The tile floors will allow for easy clean up for the messiest projects.


This one is actually in  a laundry room!  The counter space is enough to do any project meanwhile keeping up on your laundry… double bonus!


This room is pretty much one of my favorites!  Mostly because of the large countertop spaces.  I am a stand up and create type… I can’t sit and work!  This counter height workspace is a dream….  well its my dream!!


I love the glass cabinet doors on this room.  You cannot always keep your cabinets neat and tidy these frosted glass doors will come in handy!


We hope some of these room ideas inspire you to change-up your craft space.  Share it with us if you do!  We want to be super jealous of you!


2 thoughts on “Craft Room Inspiration for all Room Sizes

  1. The Large Craft room Table is my fav as well. I saw it on Pinterest and fell in love with it. If I could have that space in my house I would do this asap.

    • My friend has something very similar in her scrapbook room… she got it from the kitchen area of Ikea and it is awesome!!! This is something hopefully I will do in my scrap room soon!!!

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