We R Memory Keepers 3×4 Punch

We R Memory Keepers 3×4 punch is one of the most hardest tool to buy.  What does it do?  It punches perfect little 3×4 cards out.   They offer two different options  rounded corners, and straight edge corners.  At $29.99 pick one or the other, it’s not cheap.  Why is it in such high demand? Pretty much because its awesome.  No joke.  I saw this awesome little tool a CHA in January and have been keeping an eye out for it.  I can’t help but to think how this little tool is going to simplify my scrapbooking life.

We R Memory Keeps

We R Memory  Keepers

We R Memory Keepsers

 Why do you need this in your Project Life Arsenal?  Because a lot of your favorite paper lines are coming out with printed designs grids for the 3×4 Project Life style scrapbooking.  Instead of cutting this down on your trimmer you can now punch it out perfectly with this tool.  Project Life is now made easy.  The only problem you face now…. trying to find it in stock somewhere.  Good luck.


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