Party Favors *DIY Goody Bags* Superhero Birthday Party*

Correct me if I am wrong no matter how old you are, but the best part of a birthday party is the cake and the party favors.  Am I right or am I right?

First off let’s talk cake.  Personally I look for two WOW factors in the cake.  1. Does it look spectacular?  2. Does it taste wonderful?  If the cake has both of these I am a happy camper.  My niece had a birthday party and requested like every other little girl, a superhero party.  Finally a birthday theme I can really get into!  I have long list of go-to bakers but for this cake I commissioned my old high school friend Melissa.  I knew she would take our crazy suggestions and run wild with it!  Boy did she run with it.  Amazing.

cake Collage

As the children arrived to the party they would stop and stare at the cake.  They didn’t know if it was a toy or food!  She was able to incorporate three of my nieces favorite superheros, Batman, Spiderman, and Superman.   Each scrumptous layer was a different flavor.  The cupcakes are not just for decorations they are perfect for little hands… no mess cupcakes are the way to go!


Now for the goody bags/party favors.  I like to give something that will last a little bit longer than the car ride home.  But what do you give besides candy?  Sure there are the normal bubbles, coloring books & crayons (if you are thinking about this stock up on them now while the Back to School clearances are going on) glow in the dark bracelets, but this was a superhero party… it had to be amazing.  Then I had an idea…they need superhero capes.  BINGO!  I am brilliant (not really cause I thought their would only be a handful of kids there).  Apparently my niece was a super popular 3-year-old and had a gazillion kids there.

bcuzuluvme blog capes

Don’t think I spent a gazillion dollars on these.  These are afforable to make.  Yes I know my way around the garment district, but this can be done with a 40% coupon at Joanns for cheap.  For the white circle in the center I visited my local die cut center for our school district and cut out a bunch of  “planets”.  Luckily they had lightning bolts too (I know these were Ellison brand dies but I am sure Accucut carries them as well).  If you are doing mass quantities like I did you are going to wish you had a die cut center to cut these out at.  Cutting a million pieces of felt is going to start to killing your hand.  I. Am. Serious.  The diecut machines are great cause they cut through material like butta… no joke.  You will need without a doubt a good pair of scissors for this project.

 While at the die cut center I stumbled upon these sweet little masks.

super hero cuffs bcuzuluvme blog

I added some elastic to the back and a little stitching around the rim of the mask and voila done!  But I couldn’t stop there.  Nope.

They needed cuffs, super cute cuffs.

super hero cuffs bcuzuluvme blog

Now I was basically on my own for a pattern.  I knew the die cut center was not going to have anything to help me out.  I had a coffee cozy on my cup from my morning Starbucks run and with that came a genius idea.  I used the cardboard as a template and cut away.  The stitching you see on everything serves no purpose other than it looks good.  Both the cape and the cuffs have a little bit of velcro sewn in to help it stay in place.

super hero capes bcuzuluvme blog

Party favors…. complete success!  They enjoyed these party favors far better than a bag of candy.  Think out of the box for your next party.  You will be surprised with what you come up with.


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