Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?? Touchdown Bucket DIY

keep calm

The only reason everybody is ok with letting summer come to an end is because we know that means football season will be here soon.  For weeks now little boys and girls have been hitting the field, and whether you are playing tackle or flag, football is football.   The only downside of some of these organized sports for children is the high cost of membership to play.  They must put out tons of money before they even step one foot on the field, then after that they must fundraise until they squeeze every cent out of grandma & grandpa!  Pj has created a Touchdown Bucket for her team.  Each time a player has a great play or scores a touchdown the cheerleaders parade up and down the sideline shaking this bucket and the parents are more than excited to drop some money in the bucket.   Doesn’t have to be dollar bills,  change adds up to!

touchdown bucket bcuzuluvme blog

Do you want to make one too?  This can be applied to any sport… baseball, soccer, basketball.

The DYI Downlow

She started will a clear pail, you can find ones similar to this at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or tin ones at Home Depot.  Next use a 12×12 sport themed scrapbook paper and wrap it around the pail (cut down to desirable size).  Now you are ready to play with the front… put your team name, or decorate with sport themed embellishments.  To finish it all off add some ribbon and tulle to the handle, don’t forget to cut a slot on the top lid so they can slide the money easily through.

touchdownbucket Collage

I’ve seen it in action and it is awesome!  After the first touchdown was scored 5 adorable little cheerleaders walked up the sideline with the bucket and the crowd was eagerly awaiting it to reach them.  Moms, dads, aunts, uncle, little sisters were all waving money around in excitement!  Lots of quarters, nickels and dollar bills were dropped in the bucket that day and not just for touchdowns but for great tackles too!  At the end of the season this mighty Pop Warner team hopes to put on an awesome team party with lots of goodies from this magical little bucket.


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