The latest isn’t always the greatest…. The Zink zero ink printer

A couple  weeks ago I noticed a flood of posts on social media about this new fabulous crafty contraption that was going to be a complete must have.  On Instagram, Facebook and crafters blogs I saw post after post of this new item that was going to be offered exclusively on HSN as the great Today’s Special Value.  As a HSN shopper myself I thought this is will be a great deal if it’s on HSN so I watched as I’m sure many of you did too.  Behold The Zink zero-ink printer!!!  I ordered it at its first showing because I was intrigued that finally there is a handy-dandy at home printer that will print my Instagram photos instantly/easily  without having to send my feed to a photo service.  For about $50 I could have it!  That’s the wonderful thing about HSN… the FLEX pay!!!   After I ordered it within minutes of it appearing on television I started watching the demonstration.  They made it seem so easy and that the quality was amazing.  They showed multiple samples of what you could make from this.  I have to be honest, I was not blown away with what they were showing so I started to doubt my purchase.  I decided to wait until it arrived to make my final decision.

 zink printer

So now that I have this hot little item in my hands I decided to give it a try.  First of all it was not easy to load the app that came along with this wireless printer.  Even though I have a smart phone I soon realized that I couldn’t have it on my phone because my software was not up to date!!!!    STRIKE ONE!!!!  They had no mention of this on the broadcast.  Sure I can just update my phone but I know one to many people who had their phones wiped clean all because of that darn update and I was NOT going to lose my precious contacts, photos and what ever else I hold near and dear to my heart because of this app!!!!

zink printer

I then called my “crafty other half” for guidance!  “Tina…Please tell me your phone is up to date so we can use this app!!!”  STRIKE TWO!!!! She and I are really two peas in a pod because she too has not updated her phone!!!  “Upload it to the kids’ Ipods or Ipads!” she says!!  So I then upload this app that has already caused me a headache to my 3 year old’s Ipad.  Finally…. SUCCESS!!!  Or so I thought…. this was just the beginning of uploading the darn thing and setting it up to the wireless network.  I have to admit I am NOT tech savvy.  I don’t have the patience!  So after about an hour and half it was properly loaded and ready to print!

zink printer

At this point I’m already frustrated and already want to return it but I’ve made it this far and finally I get to print.  I was able to load the 2″  paper roll easily as seen on tv.  Finding a picture was not as easy.   As I searched my feed for a picture that I wanted to print the app would kick me out!!!  STRIKE THREE!!!  I would scroll through my feed, select a photo, and then the app would crash or kick me out to my home screen!!  It was very frustrating.  After about 15 minutes I was able to load 6 Instagram photos!  6 photos in 15 minutes!!!  So not worth the time!

Now the moment of truth… I finally have some 2×2 prints!!!  I was not impressed with the quality of the print at all.  STRIKE FOUR!!!  The paper was super flimsy and the alignment of the picture was off.  The paper roll having adhesive was not a great attribute for me either.  Some of my Instagram photos have frames around them and to my dismay they were cut off when they were printed.   For my next photo run I was able to properly align the frames so they weren’t cut off.  Sadly I as not convinced that this is a must have item or that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

zink printer

My overall review of this Zink zero ink printer is for you to save your hard-earned money.  Even though I was able to get this printer home to me for about $50 I do not find it to be anywhere close to its full asking price of  $219.95.  STRIKE FIVE!!   Super pricey!!!  The refills are about $25 and the quality over all is poor.  They made it to be a great label maker in the tv demonstration. Well I think that this is the priciest label maker ever!!!  I will gladly send my feed to Postal Pix.  They have the easiest app to use and it doesn’t take forever to load like its competitor and the prices are reasonable for what I want.

4 thoughts on “The latest isn’t always the greatest…. The Zink zero ink printer

    • Other than we really love it!!!! We have been fans since it was Quickutz (using my old school QK dies today in fact!!), and are still huge fans of Lifestyle Crafts (as they call themselves now). I love the capabilities the machine has and the support boards, free weekly shapes, and variety they offer. I think you will be surprised how much you will use it and how easy it is 🙂 Hope this helps!! And thanks for checking us out!!

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve seen the Zink all over blogs recently, and was drooling. It really seemed like the best thing ever, and that all scrapbookers needed one ASAP. Of course, all the reviews I read were from people who Zink had provided the printer for, so I think they may have been a little bias.

    I don’t have an extra $250 right now, so I was going to try and save up, but I’m glad you’ve given me a reason to pass.

    • HI!! We speak the truth! We are so happy our truthful post helped you decide. We would hate to see a fellow crafter fall into that black hole!! We honestly were getting so bothered with all the praises about the Zink…. we felt very differently. Hope you spend the $250 on lots of other scrapbook stuff!!! Thanks for stopping by Maddie!

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