Back to School Project Life Freebie **

Everybody loves a Project Life freebie!!!  This is a download of two 4×6 cards. It will fit perfectly in you 4×6 Project Life inserts, or you can print it and put it in a 4×6 frame as a desk gift for your teacher.  welcomebacktoschoolbcuzuluvme

You can download this card here.

The next Project Life card is a 4×6.  It was designed around the first day of school.  Print it out and have your child write their name, what they ate for lunch,their teachers name and draw a picture of their backpack.  They will love that you are asking them to participate in their scrapbook.


You can download this card here.

 To be able to look back in years to come and  see their own handwriting.  You can still use this download as a journal card on your scrapbook page if you are not Project Life scrapbooking.  Adding a picture of their backpack is a little bonus… so get the crayons and colored pencils out and ready to go!


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