Cupcake Liners* DIY Gift Wrapping*

Brown paper packages tied up with string… make that twine, and gussied up with cupcake liners these are a few of my favorite things.

cupcake liner gift wrapping bcuzulume blog

Ordinary folk will see cupcake liners and pass right on by thinking to themselves ” I am not baking cupcakes anytime soon” and not buy any.  Extraordinary people will see cupcake liners and buy all the patterns because they need to wrap a gift, need to gift a jar of jam, need to make a garland, or they need to make a birthday card.  Why on earth would they need a cupcake liner to wrap a gift you ask??  Because it’s CUTE!  Seriously why would we want to make something look ugly?  Cupcake liners make everything super cute.  When in doubt add a cupcake liner…you have never heard anyone say “that’s too many cupcake liners”.  Stay tuned for some more decorative ways to use cupcake liners!!

cupcakepackages Collage


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