Washi Tape Storage * Craftroom Organization*

You know how sometimes you collect stuff cause it will just look pretty sitting there?  Washi tape started out like that for me.  Even if I never use it, it will just look pretty sitting there in a cute bowl.  I stand corrected.  When in doubt add a little washi tape to your project and all of your problems are solved.  Now here’s where my dilemma comes into place… I now have so many that I want them all visible to me so I can get to it much quicker than just searching through  bowl of washi tape.   I want them visible, easily accessible, and I still want it to look pretty!  I have been kicking around some organization ideas and I have come to a few conclusions.  These ideas are the front-runners right now:

Straw Dispensers

Straw Dispenser bcuzuluvme

Bed Bath & Beyond $14.99

bcuzuluvme blog

^^^Just imagine washi tape in there instead of ribbon. ^^^

Here quilters used it for trim storage.

Or should I go with something like this… and organize it by color

Shoe Organizer

Target bcuzluvme blog

Target $15.49

It’s out-of-the-way, it is clear and tidy.  I think an Ikea trip is in order to scope out more options.

When buying items to help you get organized pretty isn’t always the answer.  It may look great but is it functional?  Sometimes you just don’t have the extra time to search for an item in your stash.  Having your items in plain view or at least easily accessible is makes for a happy craft space.

 There are always more options.  Which option would work best for you?


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