Crafty Bands for Scrapbooking * Epiphany Crafts *DIY Project Life Embellishments*

Sometimes you have to take a look around your house at your kids stuff and figure out how to use it for scrapbooking.

Crafty Bands bcuzuluvme blog

 I am a scrapbooker turned Project Lifer so I love to save all kinds of dodads that I can try to make into something later.  I love to save certain clothing tags, business cards, brochures, maps, just about anything with a cool design on it.   Normally I would use one of my Epiphany Craft tools to make a cool embellishent and place on one of my Project Life cards.  Lately I have been eyeing one of my daughters tool from them its a Crafty Bands tool.  It is made by the same wonderful company Epiphany Crafts, but is targeted for children to make these cool snap on bracelets.  It is the same exact tool I use for scrapbooking except it is a different size circle than what Epiphany makes.

Crafty Bands Bcuzuluvme blog

^^^Now this is how you use it if you want to make a bracelet.^^^

This is what I used it for…

craftybandsscrapbook Collage

See what I mean about the perfect size for Project Life scrapbooking?  Genius!  Everyone is happy in my house!  My daughter still gets to use it… Mom gets to use it, it’s a win win for me!


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