Duct Tape Composition Books * DIY Notebooks * One Direction *

This simple DIY on how to make custom notebooks will make the new school year painlessly inexpensive.  Instead of buying ridiculously overpriced notebooks, and folders consider this simple alternative.  Duct Tape covered supplies.

ducttape books bcuzuluvme blog

Buy the least expensive school supplies and some decorative duct tape.  Wrap the front cover and the back cover, leaving the spine exposed.

bcuzuluvme composition book

besides this DIY being something anyone could do it would also be awesome at a birthday party, craft time, girl scouts meeting.  Just about anytime…anywhere!  Duct tape is sold everywhere it s not hard to find.  They also have a ton of different colors and prints (not just for girls either!! )  My advice to you go pick out a few styles and get to work!  At least you will have custom-made folders and notebooks that won’t look like everybody else’s school stuff.

compbooks bcuzuluvme

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