Camera Stamp *Rubber Stamp*Photographer’s Marketing Tool*

Camera’s are all the rage right now.  Real cameras…camera shirts….camera stickers….camera bags, pretty much anything with a camera on it!

camera bcuzuluvme

^^^^These little beauties are a part of the cute camera gang.^^^^

camera stamp bcuzuluvme stamp

How can you not want to stamp with this once it’s in your hand?

bcuzuluvme blog camera stamp

^^^first design the Fotka style^^^

bcuzuluvme blog stamp

^^^the second design Poulain^^^

It is a great photography marketing tool…just think how cute this would be stamped on your CD’s, business cards, brochures…anything.  Any Project Lifers out there?  It’s the perfect size for your 3×4 cards.  Check back for ideas on how we use this little gem!!  We have had this in our store for a year now, we’ve reordered a few times!  It’s a super popular one get it while we have it in stock!  Any local peeps???  We can arrange a pick up to avoid shipping charges.   Stamp away my friends.

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