Cookies by Kerri * Southern California Baker*Cookies*

Cookies.  Who doesn’t love a great cookie?  What is more important these days is the presentation of that cookie.  The most detailed decorated cookie often times tastes horrible.  We have learned that sometimes a pretty cookie is going to taste gross.  Well I have found the miracle bake… she has been the answer to my prayers!  She not only can decorate a cookie like no other but the taste amazing!!!!  No lie…often times I will buy her broken cookies or practice ones because the taste so darn good!  My family has cravings for these things!  With the back to school coming up I thought it would be cute to show you her school themed cookies.  What a great surprise it would be for your little one to get one of these in their lunch pail… or start the year off right and give a few to the new teacher or office staff.  It’s never to early to start kissing school butt!

Cookies by Kerri

^^^^cookie masterpieces^^^^

cookies by kerri

She will even wrap them individually for you!  She gets booked sometimes months in advanced so if you are interested in an order… GET IT IN NOW!  Check out her Facebook page for more of her themed creations.

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