Sidecar Doughnuts *Costa Mesa* SoCal* California

We can’t say for sure if cupcakes have taken a backseat to other sweets, but for us they have!  Leaves room for plenty of other sweets.. like doughnuts, pies, waffles, yogurt and ice cream!

Sidecar Doughnuts

270 E. 17th St., #18
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

6:30 – 4:00 but get their early cause your favorite flavors will be sold out!

Sidecar Doughnuts Bcuzuluvme blog

And by flavors I don’t mean just maple bars and glaze… I’m talking about:

Valrhona Chocolate Brownie with Toasted Walnuts
Banana Nutella
Apple Pie with Tillamook Cheddar

Cinnamon Crumb

Strawberry Shortcake

Toasted Coconut
Madagascar Vanilla Bean Twist
Maple Bacon

Malasada with Haupia Filling

Green Eggs and Ham

And these are just this weeks.  They change them weekly.  I always miss the carrot cake doughnut.  This tells me it is wonderful and I need to get their at 6:30 next time.  So far my family favorites are maple with bacon, buttermilk, Monte Cristo and Huckleberry.

sidecar doughnuts bcuzuluvme blog

^^^^^^^ This is the Monte Cristo & their awesome coffee******


^^^^^^this is what it looks like after you leave (a take some home box!)^^^^^^^

Go there like today…right now!!!!  Eat one for us!!!!!

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