Studio Calico Project Life Kit… Reasonable or Ridiculously Overpriced

We took one for the team for you and ordered Studio Calico Project Life kits.  We started a few months ago and are locked in for 6 months now (I guess I didn’t read the fine print).  I could cancel it but it would cost me $15 and I do not like wasting nonsense money.. so I have 4 more months to go.  I am really digging the stamps set that come with, it makes it worth while for me.

Here’s the breakdown for the PL kit it’s $19.99 if you commit to a 6 month subscription or you can take your chances and try to purchase it month to month at $24.99.  Mine arrives on my doorstep and my card gets charged $24.  I love the fact that they offer so many opportunities to be creative with them.  Feeling stuck? Visit their gallery for inspiration.  Want to learn something new? Take an online class from them.   Need some digital cuts?  Download them.  Now thats love.  They currently do no wrong in my eyes.  I will let you know when I feel differently.  Are you a SC fan??

Studio Calico Kit

^^^^^^^^^^^^the goods^^^^^^^^^^

Studio Calico Embellishments

the embellishments range… sorta would like a little more WOW

Studio Calico

^^^^^^the card inserts^^^^^

Studio Calico

^^^3×4 cards^^^

Studio Calico

^^^the famous stamps^^^

Studio Calico

^^^^my favorite part of the kit THE STAMPS^^^^

Studio Calico

^^^the storage^^^

Studio Calico

the only thing I love more than their stamps is the storage box!!

What’s in the magical box that makes me so happy each month.. I mean besides inspiration?

This month was:

Valley High Project life Kit

PL Cards from the following designers:
1. Studio Calico
2. Paislee Press
3. Basic Grey
4. In A Creative Bubble
5. LifeLovePaper
6. Studio Calico
7. LifeLovePaper
8. Studio Calico
9. LifeLovePaper
10. Basic Grey
11. One Little Bird Designs
12. In A Creative Bubble
13. Basic Grey
14. Studio Calico
15. Paislee Press
16. LifeLovePaper
17. LifeLovePaper
18. Basic Grey
19. Basic Grey
20. Studio Calico
21. Studio Calico
22. Studio Calico
23. In A Creative Bubble
24. LifeLovePaper
25. LifeLovePaper
26. Blinks of Life
27. Paislee Press
28. Paislee Press
29. LifeLovePaper
30. In A Creative Bubble

Transparency C(Life-Love-Paper for Studio Calico)
Cork printed Washi (Studio Calico)
2 Badges (In a Creative Bubble for Studio Calico)
Stamp 1×6″ Hopes & Dreams (Blinks Of Life for Studio Calico)
Round Metal Paperclips (Studio Calico)
Confetti (American Crafts)
4×6″ Charcoal Alpha Stickers (Basic Grey)


2 thoughts on “Studio Calico Project Life Kit… Reasonable or Ridiculously Overpriced

  1. I kinda have a love/hate relationship with PL kits right now, or all SC kits for that matter. I love everything for the same reasons as you… but I feel like they are overpriced. I wish the print quality was better on the cards. It seems like they dont use very good paper on some of them. Also some of the badges have been less than desirable for me. I use to make my own badges and sell them on Etsy & in a Big Cartel shop, I used the best of the best paper I could find which printed out my images so crisp and clear & I made a promise to undersell all the others which I did. Since I moved I cant find my button maker, but will get back to it soon.
    Anyways, I just wish they took the best quality into consideration. I’ll probably be canceling my kit soon.
    Just my 2 cents…

    • Great points you brought up!! Now looking back at the prints I can see what you are seeing now! Please be sure to let us know when your etsy is back up and running again! Keep at watch out we will be highlighting more kit clubs 🙂

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