Hidden Organizing Treasures at Ikea

Some of us are lucky to be a hop skip and a jump away from an Ikea. Ikea is like Disneyland to a crafter.  Why??  Not only can you make your crafting space sensible, but it can look gorgeous too!  As if this mystical place can’t get any better it does… its affordable.  Bcuzuluvme took a field trip there yesterday and here are some of the hidden treasures we found.  Why do I call them hidden???  Because you are not going to find them in the expected places.  All of the following items were found in: the bathroom section, the outdoor living section, the kitchen section, and one was just randomly sitting there all by its self.  You really do need to explore places like these, they are full to the brim with genius items you can use to organize you craft space.

My most favorite item of the day that will bring sunshine to my desk everyday is this:


It is going to hold all my premade cards ready to be used on a layout.  And yes, you read that right $1.99.


These are all items that would work as well….  steals & deals


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