Storage solutions for all those cutouts

Now that you are going crazy collecting cutouts for all your projects, you have a million everywhere and no idea how to store them right?

Problem solved!  Over the next few days we will share with you some tricks on how we store out cutouts.

 Project Lifeing is about quick & easy scrapbooking.  In order to be efficient its easier when your items are in plain sight of you, the trick to this is not hiding your supplies. Having your supplies in an arms reach in front of you will force you to use what you have which is a big bonus!

 For this first example on storing your cutouts I took a Project Life page protector and sewed rows.  Design C had the basic compartments done so it was very little sewing to finish it off how I needed it.

cutout pockets

cutout pockets 2

Now I didn’t want to go crazy using my Project Life page protectors for storage, so for the next few I used 12×12 Close To My Heart protectors I had.  This worked out good because I had the freedom to make my pockets any size I needed.  Once again went to work sewing for the next storage sleeve.

cutout pocket 3

I had some large 4×6 cutouts that I could have just stuck in a 12×12 sleeve and been done with it..but again I wanted easy quick access to my cutouts.  Pockets needed to be made for the biggies too!

cutout pocket 4

And that’s how its done!  Easy peasy!!  I will be showing you a few different options on storing these beauties (even a non sewing one!)

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