Tips and tricks for Printing your Pictures for Project Life

This post is for all you P- Lifers.  Just how does everyone print their pictures for all the different shapes for Project Life?

Here are a few of our favorite places we like to use!

Postal Pix

Your favorite iPhone pics delivered! PostalPix is a free app that lets you order real photo prints of pictures from your iPhone. It seemed logical that there should be a way to get images from your iPhone in solid form, without the need for a trip to the local drug store.  Go to itunes and download it!  It will really help get all those pictures off your phone!   They professionally print and mail your prints to your door…now thats service!

Print sizes and prices:
4×6: 21¢ – 33¢
4×4: 29¢ – 33¢(perfect for Instagrams!)
5×7: 89¢
5×5: 89¢ (perfect for Instagrams!)
8×10: $3.49
8×8: $3.49 (perfect for Instagrams!)
2×2 grid: $2.49 (printed on 6×6 sheet)


Persnickety Prints

Now Persnickety is a little more Project Life friendly for sure!  They have Polaroid printing, templates to drop your images into, and more!


You can always print from your home computer or resize you pictures (like putting 2 on a 4×6 print) and upload them to your local printer.  Whatever tickles your fancy.  You will soon find out what works best for you!!


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