Inspiration Supply Kits

Don’t you wish inspiration came in a 5×5 envelope?  It does now!  We see all these adorable scrapbook pages online, or we browse through our local craft store drooling over items, and then we top our night off with hours upon hours on Pintrest; only to become completely uninspired when its our turn to scrap!  bcuzuluvme now offers Inspiration Kits each month.. to help you get in the mood.  Whatever we could fit in that envelope for $5 bucks!  It will be literally be what inspires us each month, cool little trends, one of a kind items made for us only, vintage items we picked up on our travels, whatever we think will be cool to craft with!  The catch is, we take time to curate each months Inspiration Supply Kit depending on what we love and how many of that item we have… so if we only have enough for 10 kits that month.. that’s it!  We will never show what’s in the kit fully (the suspense alone will eat you alive I’m sure), but we will have completed projects with the items to help you spark your creativity back to life!  If you are reading this post hurry over to our Facebook page and “like” it, Facebook friends will have first crack at the kits before we list them for sale!

Hurry and tell your friends… yes play nice cause one day you might be away from your computer and your friend might not and then she will get one for herself and you will not have one but if she’s really your friend she would have bought you one too so then you wouldn’t miss out and be sad!  See?

Now go tell your friends!!!

inspirationpocket Collage


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